Pin Brinell STE Series Hardness Testers

Pin Brinell STE Series Hardness Testers


The STE Pin Brinell testers are the first Brinell hardness testers at a low price. The unique impact hardness method uses a shear pin to control the force applied by a hammer, so it significantly reduces the costs of getting started in Brinell testing. The indentation left after a test is measured with a Brinell scope, just like a standard Brinell, so the tester can be used on non-homogeneous metals and as-ground test surfaces. The kit comes with with everything needed for testing (except the hammer and carbide indenter if testing on high hardness materials) and includes a bag of 250 shear pins (one pin is required for each test). This pin system replaces the impact bar system, giving greater versatility, high accuracy and quick, easy indentations that can be made by anyone. 



  • Low-price Brinell testing
  • Each shear pin is precisely tested twice for accurate load application.
  • Load accuracy is +/-1% of load - more accurate than competing models.
  • Tester can be verified on standard Brinell blocks from HB100 to 700 (higher ranges using optional carbide indenter).
  • Very portable for use almost anywhere
  • Comes with an 8x power Brinell scope. Higher resolution scopes available at additional cost

Pin Brinell with Static Clamp and Impact Hammer (STE-A)

A = Heavy Duty Clamping Assembly (STE-A)

B = Bench Support (G-048)

Pin Brinell with Impact Hammer Only (STE-B)

C = Cylinder for Impact Device (B-003)

D = Indenter


The operator inserts an impact pin (G) into the impact head (E) and presses the indenter against the pin, puts the impact head into the impact sleeve and puts it into the holder. The unit is placed on the test location and hit firmly with the hammer. The indentation in the sample is measured with the Brinell scope and a Brinell hardness result is read off the enclosed chart for the measured diameter. Prior to performing a second test the operator must remove the broken shear pin and push the indenter out of the shear pin hole, ready for the the next shear pin.


E = Indenter Holder Assembly (G-178), G = Pins

Product Update: Change with Pin Designation

The manufacturer has replaced the "F" type pins with the new "G" type pins. The “F” designation is no longer used because the manufacturer of the pins and material used to make them has changed. The pins are equivalent, but the reference sheet supplied with them is different. All pins function the same as long as used with the reference sheet supplied with each bag of pins.


Technical Specifications

STE-A and STE-B Specifications

Working Principle Ernst patented Calibrated Pins System
Loads 1580kp (15500N)
Load Application Method

STE-A: Static

STE-B: Dynamic (hammer)

Standard Scales HB30 - N/nm2 - kg/mm2
Min. Diameter 30mm without surface preparation
Reading on Ernst hardness conversion charts
Objective Lens Standard: 8X - Optional: 20X
Working Conditions (Temperature) -4 - 122 °F / -20 - 50 °C
Working Dimensions minimum 0.8" x 0.8" / minimum 20 x 20mm

STE-A: 15.7" x  9" x 3.1" / 40 x 23 x 8 cm

STE-B: 7.9" x 7.1" x 2.4" / 30 x 18 x 6 cm


STE-A: 14.7 lbs. / 6.7 kg

STE-B: 13.2 lbs. / 6 kg

Kit Includes

STE-A and STE-B Kit Includes

STE-A with Wooden Case (left), Cylinder Support Handle C-02 (center), and STE-B Case (right)

Kit Item STE-A STE-B
Cylinder Support Handle (C-02)   ✔ 
Pin Removal Tool
8x Eyepiece
Steel Indenter (P-001)
Indenter Holder Assembly (G-178)
Cylinder for Impact Testing (B-003)
Heavy Duty Clamping Assembly  
Wooden Case  
Rugged Carrying Case  
Optional Accessories


           250 calibrated pins         Hardness Block w/Hammer

  • Yamamoto Hardness Block
  • ANTARES 20X Scope
  • Package of 250 Calibrated Pins with Calibration Certificate
  • Hard Metal Penetrator
  • Bench Support for STE-A Heavy Duty Clamping Assembly (G-048)


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
STE-A Ernst Pin Brinell Portable Hardness Tester - Static Clamp and Impact Hammer Version HT-AC-STE-A $1,250.00
STE-B Ernst Pin Brinell Portable Hardness Tester - Impact Hammer Version Only HT-AC-STE-B $855.00
PINS-250 Ernst - Package of 250 Calibrated Pins Class G for Pin Brinell Hardness Tester - Standard HT-AC-PIN-250 $135.00
PINS-250 Ernst - Package of 250 Calibrated Pins Class G with Certification for Pin Brinell Hardness Tester HT-AC-PIN-250-C $225.00
Regular Penetrator HT-AC-P-001 $175.00
Carbide Penetrator 400-700 HB (65HRC) HT-AC-P-002 $200.00
Cylinder for Impact Testing HT-AC-B-003 $180.00
Penetrator Holder Assembly HT-AC-G-178 $325.00
Bench support for STE HT-AC-G-048 $205.00
Cylinder Support Handle for STE-B HT-AC-C-02 $70.00