Magnaflux Portable Pressure Sprayer

Magnaflux Portable Pressure Sprayer

1-Quart Capacity, Maximum Pressure of 200 psi


The Portable Pressure Sprayer is an easy to use, light-weight pressure sprayer for spot application of emulsifiers and dry developers. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning, has a 1-quart capacity and a maximum pressure of 200 psi. Helps speed up penetrant inspection processes by offering fast, consistent and even application of product or water to the part surface. Manufactured from high-quality materials and components, this portable pressure sprayer will deliver years of trouble free performance under all usage situations and in a variety of liquid penetrant testing applications.

The Model-M pressure sprayer is intended for spot applications or rebleeds with dry developers only. It is not a recommended replacement for penetrant, magnetic particle or cleaner aerosols.


Safety Information

  • Always depressurize the sprayer before removing any parts
  • Sprayer is not recommended for use with paints
  • Maximum pressure cannot exceed 200 PSI
  • Never use acids in the Sprayer


Specification Compliance

Portable Pressure Sprayer Compliance

  • AMS 2647D
  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1417