Accu-Tech Silver Recovery Systems Tandem 200

Accu-Tech Silver Recovery Systems Tandem 200

Accu-Tech Silver Recovery Systems Tandem 200

accu-tech-tandem-200 ACCU-TECH has developed a logical approach to pollution control for silver recovery. The system works on the galvanic reaction principle, whereby an electrical charge is produced chemically, plating high grade silver onto replaceable recovery cells.
ACCU-TECH systems, designed for maximum EPA efficiency, can also be used as an ideal tailing system to bring existing electrolytic units into EPA compliance.

Maintenance - Free Operation

  • No switches, pumps or gauges to check
  • No electronics or moving parts to fail

Two Emergency Overflow Systems

  • No channeling or plugging as in steel wool systems

Silver you can see and easily harvest

  • No mess, no scraping
  • Lost cost replaceable plating cells
accutech 100

Auxiliary Batch System
A 5.0 Gallon Holding Tank with Ball Valve flow restriction is available as a companion to the Accu-Tech Silver Recovery Systems and has been custom designed for:

  • NDT Mobile Labs
  • Hand Tank Operations


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Accu-Tech Tandem 200, Complete Silver Recovery System with Cell Kit RT-AT-TANDEM200 $880.00
Accu-Tech Tandem 200 Silver Recovery Cells (2) RT-AT-TANDEM200-CELL2 $135.00
Accu-Tech Tandem 200 Silver Recovery Replacement Cell Case (5 boxes per case) RT-AT-TANDEM200-CASE $660.00
Accu-Tech Tandem 100 / 200 Auxiliary Batch System for Silver Recovery, 5.0 Gallon Tank and Lid RT-AT-TANDEM100-ABS $323.00