OKOndt SNK KP-8 Automated Wheelset UT & EC System

OKOndt SNK KP-8 Automated Wheelset UT & EC System

Automated System for Ultrasonic, Eddy Current & EMAT Testing of Railcar Wheelsets

The SNK KP-8 System is intended for detection of both surface and inside flaws in freight railcar wheelsets, as well as measurement of flaw depth and coordinates. Automated inspection is performed on the wheel sets with new machined wheels and a repaired axle. The system is used for automated UT, EMAT and ET of railcar wheelsets at repair plants that assemble and examine the newly formed wheelsets.

Due to simultaneous operation of multiple channels, testing is more productive and reliable by several measures. Detected flaws and all process data are fully recorded by the system during inspections. This helps to avoid mistakes or negligence, and enables detailed analyses to be made of the test results at any time.


  • Automated UT, EMAT and ET of railcar wheelsets
  • Inspections of the freight railcar wheelsets performed by the system are aimed at confirmatory testing or detection of the existing flaws of in-service or repair origin in the wheelset axle, wheel disk, remand flange, as well as at determining the flaw locations
  • The system carries out ultrasonic and eddy current inspection of used wheelset components to be further examined or repaired
  • Testing productivity is no less than ten (10) wheelsets per hour provided that they are smoothly fed to the test position
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