AUT Solutions ProScan8 Flaw Detector System

AUT Solutions ProScan8 Flaw Detector System

Powerful 8-Channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector System with 2 Axis Encoding

Small & Powerful

The Proscan8 takes all the features and benefits of the single channel ProScanXT but now gives you 8 channels. The ProScan8 is a small and low cost device that allows you to collect up to 8 channels of data simultaneously which can increase production and allows you to view data in ways never achieved by other methods such as phased array or TOFD. Smallest and most powerful eight-channel UT Flaw Detector system with 2 axis encoding.



  • All features from ProScanXT but now with 8 channels
  • Data merging and stitching
  • Real time multi-channel fixed angle acquisition
  • 8 times scan area potential for faster production
  • Multi-probe corrosion mapping, weld flaw and HIC examinations


  • Statistics - find minimum thickness with one mouse click
  • Data exports to Excel with scan increment control
  • Screen capture
  • Image smoothing and hide NRI features
  • HD data imaging

Triplex Transducer

Weld Inspection

Multi-Channel Data Merging

Raster scan over a weld cap using our triplex transducer and collect both zero degree and outward facing shearwave channels at the same time and image weld flaws easier than ever while monitoring wall thickness and couplant loss which phased array cannot do.

Left: 45 degree shearwave scan of a vessel weld with a 54% thru-wall crack present.

Below: B-scan showing merged 0-degree and 2 opposing 45 degree shearwave channels all on one image, which included the second leg data flipped and super-imposed back onto the 1st leg data for a true cross sectional view of the component.

0° Data Showing Hydrogen Blisters

45° Shearwave Data Showing Stepwise Cracking

HIC Inspection

Multi-Channel Data Merging

Hydrogen induced cracking, or HIC, is a failure mechanism commonly found in refineries around the world. Differentiating between staggered laminations, which have less potential to cause failure, and hydrogen blister with step wise cracking, which comes at extreme risk of failure, is not something easily done with even advanced UT techniques such as phased array or TOFD. It is very important to view both 0-degree data with shearwave data at the same time so you can see the blister from the 0-degree data and then the crack signals from the shearwave channels as you will not see blisters with shearwaves. The ProScan software has the ability to merge these channels but also allows you to specify a color for each channel so you can clearly see the blister signal and then the cracks coming off of them.

Below: Merged B-scan image of three channels at different colors depicting the blister and stepwise cracks coming off of them; in this case: 

Blue - 0°, Red - 45°-Skew-90 (pos), Green - 45°-Skew-270 (neg)

Technical Specifications

ProScan8 Specifications

Dimensions 3.75” x 2.75” x 1.50”
Weight 10 oz
Connections UT, 2 Lemo 00: 1 pulser / receiver & 1 Receiver
PC/Power 1 USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbps)
Operating System All Windows OS compatible
Voltage 10-250 V
Pulse Width 10 ns – 0.4 μs
Gain 0 – 90 dB, in steps of 0.1 dB
Bandwidth 0.50 – 25 MHz
Sampling Rate 25/50/100 MHz
Transducer Mode Single (pulse echo)/Dual (pitch-catch-through transmission)
PRF 6 Hz – 2 KHz
Rectifier Full, +half, -half, RF, & Envelope
Filters 2.5/5/10 MHz; Broadband
Resolution 12 bit live A-scan, 8 bit for stored data
Screen Linearity ±5%
Linearity ±1 dB on total gain dynamic
Encoder 5 v TTL (15 pin Sub-D), 100mA

Kit Includes

  • ProScan8 Flaw Detector
  • Software (Windows OS Compatible, 32 or 64 bit)
  • USB Cable
  • Lemo to BNC Adapters
  • Hard Case

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