OKOndt UMPKOS-38 Railway Axle Wet Fluorescent MPI

OKOndt UMPKOS-38 Railway Axle Wet Fluorescent MPI

Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing of Railway Axles

UMPKOS-38 system is designed for magnetic particle inspection of railcar wheels axles during production and after repair. The system is able to detect both longitudinal and transverse surface flaws (‘B’ sensitivity level as per GOST 21105) in accordance with EN 13261, GOST 31334, and RD 32.144-2000 using wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing and AC combined magnetizing (circular, polar). The system provides 100% inspection of the entire axle surface, except for ends.

This stationary-type system can be either integrated into the workshop process line or operated independently as a stand-alone MT station. Magnetic fluid is made of finely-cleaned degassed water, free from mechanical impurities and fat inclusions.

Test Object Specifications

Axles with the below parameters can be tested by the system:

  • Diameter
    • Maximum – 5.3" (390 mm)
    • Minimum of axle journal – ... in/mm
  • Length
    • Maximum – 98.4" (2500 mm)
    • Minimum – 59" (1500 mm)
  • Temperature of Test Object: 37 to 113 °F (+3 to +45 °С)
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