King ePortaRock Hardness Testers

King ePortaRock Hardness Testers

Accuracy and Repeatability of a Bench Tester in a Compact Size. Load Capability Options of 5 kgf or 100 kgf

Metal Hardness Testing Made Easy

The ePortaRock H and ePortaRock L, manufactured by Ernst, provide the most accurate, reliable, and efficient portable Rockwell testing in the market today. Reach tight and narrow test spots with either the ePortaRock L, with load capacity of 5 kgf, or the ePortaRock H, with a 100 kgf load capacity which makes it suitable for aluminum and materials with coarse grains as compared to testers that use lighter loads. Accurate and versatile with a repeatability of less than 1% error.



  • Accurate
    • Results are not affected by mass, deformation, elasticity or deflection of the metal
    • Results compare to a bench tester
    • Repeatability of less than 1% error
  • Versatile
    • Direct read out to Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers scales
    • Minimum surface preparation needed
    • Non-destructive tests can be performed in virtually any position; right side up, upside down, or even sideways
    • Easy to use, Bluetooth test data transfer and sharing and non-Bluetooth model available
    • Stores up to 1000 test results
    • Optional software compatible with standard PC programs
    • Images, bar codes, GPS localization and memos can be added to the measurement data
    • Industry standard 6” Android tablet for read out, data management and sharing

Model Differences

ePortaRock L

Preload: 1.2 kgf

Loads: 5 kgf

Minimum Measurable Diameter:

Hand-held - 35 mm
N stand - 2 mm
T stand - 3 mm

ePortaRock H

Preload: 7 kgf

Loads: 100kgf

Minimum Measurable Diameter:

25 mm without preparation
12 mm with preparation

Technical Specifications

ePortaRock L & H Specifications

  ePortaRock L ePortaRock H
Operation Method / Principle Rockwell type
Certification/Standards ASTM E18 Indirect Method
Functions Scales, tolerances, calibration, statistics, display contrast, sequence, files, clock, sleep time, print
Direct Readout Scales HRB (0-120)
HRC (0-70
HB30 (80-700)
N/mm2 (260-2300)
Kg/mm2 (27-235)
HV (35-1080)
DPTH (0-100)
HRC (10-70)
1HB30 (60-700)
2HB30 (100-500)
N/mm2 (350-2050)
Kg/mm2 (40-210)
(Other scales upon request)
Preload 1.2 kgf 7 kgf
Loads 5 kgf 100 kgf
Load Application Manual
Minimum Measurable Diameter Hand-held - 35 mm
N stand - 2 mm
T stand - 3 mm
25 mm without preparation
12 mm with preparation
Power Rechargeable batteries (8 hours)Battery charger (100 VAC - 240 VAC - 50/60 Hz )
Memory Storage Store up to 1000 values in 8 different files
Output / Interfaces RS232, Micro USB
Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Italian (Other languages upon request)
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
King ePortaRock H Portable Hardness Tester, Load Capability of 100 kgf HT-KI-EPR-H $11,842.40
King ePortaRock L Portable Hardness Tester, Load Capability of 5 kgf HT-KI-EPR-L Request Pricing