Clark Hardness Testers CLC-200R Advanced Digital

Clark Hardness Testers CLC-200R Advanced Digital


The Clark CLC-200R is one of the most versatile and easy to use Rockwell type testers available. It uses a direct loading, state of the art load cell technology and direct linear displacement that's activated by simple touch-screen operation.

All Rockwell scales, regular and superficial, are fully automatic. And errors have virtually been eliminated by removing the use of knobs and stacking of weights typically associated with most testers.

Simply input the scale on the touchscreen and let the tester do the rest.

Special Features:

  • One-touch operation on vivid 8-color LCD panel display
  • Twin "Rockwell" (Regular and Superficial) and light load Brinell tests
  • Direct load method. Load-cell feedback/direct linear displacement measurement
  • Selectable minor/major load combination (3 to 200Kg)
  • Capable of various data editing and statistic functions
  • Up to 2000 point data memory capacity
  • Heavy-duty cast housing with enclosed load cell
  • Certified and ready to use

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