Conductivity Meters and Standards

Conductivity Meters and Standards

Eddy Current Conductivity Meters are widely used in the aircraft and aerospace fields for material/temper verification and detecting heat damaged components. Our many years of experience in this field and our wide selection of instruments, allows us to match the best instrument and probe to our customers requirements. Whether you need a simple and rugged instrument for the use in the heat treat shop or a feature packed instrument for laboratory use, we have the answer.

Standards are required by most specifications to calibrate or verify the calibration of your Conductivity Meter. 

Our partners include ETher NDE, Fischer Technology, Verimation (K.J. Law), & Foerster. See all products here.

Featured Products

ETher NDE SigmaCheck 2

State of the Art Instrument Designed by those who brought you the original Hocking AutoSigma 3000

Forester Sigmatest 2.070

Don't be fooled by the simple design. This German-engineered product is a technological powerhouse.

Fischer SMP350

Designed for the laboratory setting, this intricate meter includes a feature-rich touchscreen and robust operating system.

Verimet M4900C

No frills; virtually indestructible. This streamlined product is designed for larger parts in the shop or field.

Best Seller

The ETher NDE SigmaCheck 2 is a state of the art instrument designed by those who brought you the original Hocking AutoSigma 3000. This devices provides fast and accurate conductivity measurements at a price point that can't be matched by competitors. We can go on about its intuitive design, accuracy, automatic lift-off compensation, or its resistance to edge effect. But we'll save the rest of the key features for you. Find out more here.


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