Ernst AT-130 Regular & Superficial Testers

Ernst AT-130 Regular & Superficial Testers

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Ernst AT-130 Economical Regular & Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testers

The AT-130 Rockwell Tester is useful for many basic testing applications especially testing in challenging conditions such as dirty environments, large awkward parts and inexperienced operators.


  • Not influenced by bending or sample deflection
  • Simple (one motion), quick (two seconds), easy (any one can test) and accurate (even with unskilled users).
  • The clamping shield permits the measure of big and irregular pieces
  • Digital Rockwell and Brinell hardness display
  • The test head removes for factory calibration/ repairs
  • Operates according to ASTM E18
  • Operates according to ASTM E10 for light load Brinell Testing

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    The clamping feature makes testing
    easier and more accurate in bad
    Since the tester can test without any
    elevating screw, users can test on
    the base of the AT-T stand
    The test procedure consists of pulling
    the lever until it stops and releasing -
    all in two seconds

    One reason the tester works so well, is that the tester has a heavy-duty clamping feature built into the design of the test stand. This clamping feature makes it easy to test on a large heavy test sample in a couple of seconds. There is also a unique test surface measurement feature that dramatically reduces effects of dirt on the anvil or bottom of the test sample on the test results - results which can easily be completely ruined with a normal tester.

    Also the tester prevents or reduces the chance for broken diamond indenters</span> (depending on the selection of the clamping shield), since the operator cannot contact the indenter with the test sample and shifting of large parts under load is prevented by the clamping - both common causes of breakage that can cost hundreds of dollars a pop.

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