Magnaflux Developers

Magnaflux Developers

Magnaflux Developers



Flash Point




> 2o F / -17o C.

Meets major requirements for special alloy and nuclear applications. Is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. It produces an opaque white coating, which provides an excellent contrasting background for penetrant indications. Is specially formulated to be low in sulfar and halogens and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Dry Powder



General purpose dry powder. It is supplied ready to use, forming a thin film on parts that enhance indications of ultra fine discontinuities. Its high purity allows it to be used in applications where purity is critical to the testing process,

Water Suspendable



Improved developer to meet MIL-I-25135E/ASM-2644. It disperses quickly into water to form an opaque white suspension. At higher concentrations it forms an opaque white coating which provides contrasting background for Spotcheck penetrant indications. It should be continually agitated during use to ensure uniformity of mix.




General purpose, non-chlorinated developer. Flammable. Recommended for titanium, nickel and special alloys.

Water Soluble



Improved water soluble developer to meet requirements of MIL-I-25135E/AMS-2644. It produces a uniform white coating when it dries. The developer film is easily removed in post inspection cleaning by water spray. You dont need to agitate the developer bath, it maintains developer uniformity.


Material Back Order Notice

Back Ordered:
SKD-S2 - Case of 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-01-5352-78)
ZP-9F - Case of 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-01-3354-78)

Temporary Supplement:
SKD-S2 - Case of 10 / 16 Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-SKDS2-UK)
ZP-9F Non-Aqueous Developer - Case of 10 / 16 oz. Aerosols (PN: PT-MX-ZP9F-UK)

Note - Supplemental packaging can only be shipped via Ground.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
SKD-S2 - Case of 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols PT-MX-01-5352-78 Request Pricing
SKD-S2 Developer (01-5352-83) - Case of 10 / 16 oz. Aerosols (Ground Shipping Only) PT-MX-SKDS2-UK $199.00
SKD-S2 - Case of 4/1 Gallon PT-MX-01-5352-35 $523.00
SKD-S2 - 5 Gallon PT-MX-01-5352-40 $430.00
SKD-S2 - 55 Gallon PT-MX-01-5352-45 $3,753.00
ZP-4B 9 - 9/1 Pint PT-MX-ZP4B-9-1PT Request Pricing
ZP-4B - 10 lbs PT-MX-01-3328-69 $295.00
ZP-4B - 20 lbs PT-MX-01-3328-75 $446.00
ZP-5B - 25 lbs PT-MX-01-3341-81 $602.00
ZP-9F - Case of 12 / 16 oz. Aerosols PT-MX-01-3354-78 Request Pricing
ZP-9F Non-Aqueous Developer (01-3354-83) - Case of 10 / 16 oz. Aerosols (Ground Shipping Only) PT-MX-ZP9F-UK $230.00
ZP-14A - 20 lbs PT-MX-01-3381-75 $432.00
ZP-9F - 5 Gallon PT-MX-01-3354-40 Request Pricing
ZP-14A - 50 lbs PT-MX-01-3381-89 $747.00