NDT Konica-Minolta PDA-100

NDT Konica-Minolta PDA-100

Portable Densitometer

Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:


Konica Minolta® PDA-100 Digital Densitometer

The Konica Minolta® PDA-100 Digital Densitometer is handy, portable and designed for measuring the density of X-Ray film.

The PDA-100 features no warm-up time, one button automatic zero adjustment and long life, due to its low power consumption. Automatic density processing system is compatible with either fluorescent or incadecent lamp light sources with intensity at the measuring surface between 2000 and 50,000 lux.



  • Measuring Range: 0.00 to 4.00 D
  • Accuracy: ┬▒ 0.03 D
  • Density Indication: 3-digit large LCD display
  • Detector: GaAsP photodiode
  • No Warm-up Time
  • Portable Power Source (two AA batteries are included)
  • Weight: 400 grams with batteries
  • Dimensions Height: 3.0 cm / Width: 6.5 cm / Length: 16.0 cm


Made in Japan

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