ETher Veritor PC Eddy Current Tester

ETher Veritor PC Eddy Current Tester

The Veritor PC Eddy Current Tester has been discontinued. Its replacement is:

The ETher EmBedEC Embedded Eddy Current Solutions

The ETher NDE Veritor PC Eddy Current Tester

The ETher Veritor makes your USB equipped PC into a fully capable eddy-current flaw detector and sorting instrument at a fraction of the cost of a standard phase-plane instrument and adding the power of your PC software.

  • Use the Veritor in the class-room with your PC projector to show students the proper calibration and testing techniques
  • Use the Veritor in the shop to inspect aircraft wheels, etc.
  • Use the Veritor with a Compact PC for field inspection of welds, aircraft, etc.

Take advantage of your Windows software to record the calibration and inspection and your word processor to document test procedures and issue inspection reports. Take advantage of your internet connection to send files or show your test via skype or remote meeting programs.

The Veritor is very easy to use with no complex menu structures. The wide frequency range: 2Hz-32Mhz tests frequency selection with extremely low noise circuitry. ETher NDE's newly developed “IB Tech Inside “ absolute intrinsically balanced technology which further improves the signal to noise ratio of conventional absolute probes giving a significant improvement in inspection reliability.

veritor image

Veritor image

Product Literature

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ETher Veritor Kit includes: Eddy current flaw detector, USB Cable, Software, Manual on USB Stick, Universal AC power supply, Lead, Fischer Triax to Lemo 4-way Plug, 1.5 meters, (Veritor Bridge and Reflector Probe), Batteries and Soft Carrying Case EC-ET-KIVER001 Discontinued Item