Balteau GFC305 Portable Generator

Balteau GFC305 Portable Generator

Balteau GFC305 Portable Generator

The GFC305 is a panoramic portable unit derived from our well known Crawler series, but designed to be operated in the field without mechanical carriage. This unit has inherited the reliability of the Crawler technology of Balteau NDT.

The GFC305 can deliver up to 300 kV and 5 mA and can be classified in the range of high power units available at Balteau NDT.

Fields of operation for this kind of equipment are generally in the piping industry, tanks, reservoirs and hollowed components, where a panoramic exposure can be done. It will easily surpass the poor contrast of Isotopes and would be a very interesting replacement in medium thickness ranges, where Isotopes are generally not allowed.

In combination with a GFD (Directional) or a CERAM, the GFC305 will allow you to perform all kinds of exposures with a limited number of units.

This unit has to be combined with one of these available units, CF2000 or Hand X. It is self-recognized by any of our control units.


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