ETher Veescan H

ETher Veescan H

Automated Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

ETher NDE VeeScan-H Automatic Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

The VeeScan H is ETher's first Wheel Inspection system and can be configured with a wide choice of probes allowing any Wheel Shop to select the system most compatible with their workload offering maximum flexibility. The VeeScan H is designed to lift the wheel and fix it with an automatic adaptor that uses the wheel's inertia to center it. The VeeScan H offers and integrated roller tray for easy maneuverability and integration into a conveyor system and can test wheels up to 35" (900mm) in diameter. It is designed with an adjustable height Control Panel for operator comfort and can be positioned at a convenient distance from the main machine. Open on 3 sides, the VeeScan H offers easy wheel loading as standard.

Key Features:

  • VeeScan's design maximizes the probability of detection
  • The VeeScan has a proven, rugged and reliable, mechanical design with an established track record of breakdown-free operation for 365 days or more.
  • Uses the ETher NDE AeroCheck+ Eddy Current Flaw Detector. Easily removable for other inspection tasks and is protected by a rugged, clear Polycarbonate cover.
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum structure with removable steel panels
  • Teflon covered rotating table with 3 self-adapting grip pins enables rapid change over from one wheel type to another. The 3 open sides means easy loading of the machine.
  • Flexible - Scans whole wheels in either direction.
  • Roller tray with rubber coated stainless steel rolls facilitates the wheel movement and readily integrates into a conveyor system.
  • Versatile - Can test wheels from Helicopter Nose to A380 Main Wheels.
  • User-friendly, easy initial setup with "Teach & Learn" and "Save & Recall".
  • Simple PDF Reporting - It can be printed, stored, viewed locally or over your network
  • Removable dynamic calibration standard positioned conveniently at the front of the machine.

veescan-control-panelExcellence in Control
The Control Panel is used to program the inspection and control the moving elements of the VeeScan. Via USB it interacts with the AeroCheck+ display inspection signals.

From the Control Panel the user can export a PDF report of the inspection, including all relevant industry inspection and eddy current testing parameters.

The VeeScan Control Panel can be configured as a stand-alone unit or on a pivot arm attached to the machine. Either option ensures the safety of the inspection team, offering ease-of-use with the ability to re-position when required.

The stand alone unit is designed with an adjustable height Control Panel for operator comfort and can be positioned at a convenient distance from the main machine.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Flexibility: Due to the 2 axis bi-direction ability, the wheel orientation and direction of scanning can be changed. Traditionally, on an automated wheel inspection machine the wheel is inspected rim down and inwards from the rim edge to the barrel. The key advantage is both halves of a wheel can be inspected at the same time (providing the overall height is 15" (380mm) or less).
  • Ease-of-Use: The machine is built from readily available automation components from companies such as Schneider. The on-board software features comprehensive diagnostic and condition reporting for rapid on-site repair. Additionally, the VeeScan may be connected via the internet for remote analysis by our engineers.
  • Intuitive Set-Up: A "teach and learn" system allows the machine to be trained to inspect a wheel. Manual fine tuning of values means an accurate setup can be saved for the same wheels in the future.
  • Speed & Reliability: Automated inspection allows the wheel to be inspected much more quickly than with a manual inspection, while still ensuring the required area of inspection is 100% scanned.
  • Reporting: The fully digital reporting system archives the data for analysis and review, either on the VeeScan itself or remotely over a network. A simple one-page report may be saved and printed.
  • Safety: There is an option for a separate control stand with dual push button activation start meaning the operator is not near the rotating wheel during the test. Additionally, the VeeScan uses a wheel-clamping system that has been field tested over extended periods of time to further ensure safety.

AeroCheck+ Eddy Current Technology

The VeeScan in conjection with the AeroCheck+ provides the unit with eddy current technology for inspections and is used to program the wheel scanning probe. With the ability to pre-program the probe the operator can guarantee the correct setup is being used for any inspection job.

The AeroCheck+ transmits eddy current signals to the VeeScan Control Panel PC offering stable eddy current performance, high resolution and flexibility.

It comes with polycarbonate cover on the front of the machine which can be readily available as a stand alone unit for manual inspection.
Wheel Inspection Sequence

The VeeScan is designed to lift the wheel and fix it with an automatic adaptor that uses the wheel inertia to center it. It offers an integrated roller tray for easy maneuverability and integration into a conveyor system. The VeeScan also features an automatic hub size adaptor and can test wheels up to 35" (900mm) in diameter.

A circular absolute probe is positioned perpendicular to the surface to ensure uniform sensitivity regardless of wheel surface profile as the probe progresses through the wheel bead seat area. Recommended frequency is 200kHz.

VeeScan Pivot Arm Option

Test Report



Instrument: AeroCheck+
Probe: Differentially connected absolute (integral balance load) with circular head.
Recommended frequency 200kHz, optional 100kHz, 500kHz and 1.5 MHz frequencies available upon request..
Recommended diameter 0.25" (6mm) (0.35" (9mm) is also available and narrow shaft for large weights).
Max. Wheel Diameter: 0 - 35" / 0 - 900mm
Max. Wheel Height: 16" / 400mm
Max. Load: 330 lbs. / 150kg
Typical Inspection Helix: 0.06" / 1.5mm
Rotation Speed: 15 - 120 rpm
Probe Position: Adaptive contour following using dual axis pressure sensors with fully bi-directional control
Alarms: Acoustic and visual
Frame: Extruded Aluminum
Wheel Position: The wheel is lifted clear of the roller tray using a 10" (250mm) stroke electric actuator and then held under its own weight by an adaptive automatic grip mechanism.
Automatic Calibration: Yes, by means of dynamic standard option
Automatic Stop on Defect: Yes
Turntable: Roller Tray Rubber coated steel rolls
Control Station: External free standing, height adjustable pedestal or machine mounted pivot arm. With machine and eddy current control. 7" screen, keyboard and tracker ball.
Dimensions: 34" x 44" x 37" / 850 x 1120 x 945 mm
Minimum height: 36" / 904mm; Maximum height: 38" / 975 mm
Height adjustable via feet
Power Supply: 110 - 240 VAC AC 50/60 Hz

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