Rohmann Elotest M2

Rohmann Elotest M2

Rohmann Elotest M2

Truly keeps your third hand free!

Universal Instrument for:

  • inspection of surfaces for cracks and other flaws
  • rotary inspection of bore holes with rotary guns
  • detection of subsurface flaws with low-frequency probes
  • sorting
  • hardness testing

Main Features:

  • Full frequency range: 10 Hz to 12 MHz
  • Fully variable filters: low-pass, high-pass and band-pass, for static and dynamic inspections
  • High speed Impedance plane and Time-Base modes
  • Internal digital strip-chart recorder
  • Suitable for all types of probes
  • Separate BNC connector for parametric/single-coil probes (NO balancing load required!)
  • Adapters/adapter cables for various competitor probe connectors
  • Easy to operate via pictographs and text using only 9 keys
  • Li-Ion battery for more than 8 hrs operation
  • High-definition LCD display with back-light and adjustable contrast, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Higher performance at a cost effective price

The power of an Elotest B1 in a small package

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