Elotest PL650

Elotest PL650


Replaces the Elotest IS

A new dimension of Eddy Current testing, which leaves nothing to be desired. This device is the innovative, all-digital Eddy Current platform for a wide range of applications with an outstanding performance and reliability. ELOTEST PL650 is available in different casings, depending on the application. Fields of application are amongst others precise material sorting or inspections for cracks and grinding burns. A flexible software and license system makes it possible to adapt or to extend the capacity according to the individual testing task. Owing to various casing and operating concepts, such as the remote connection via the client‘s software and computer, ELOTEST PL650 can be perfectly integrated into automated inspection systems and into existing test lines.




  • Flexible and adaptable to the task for every type of Eddy Current testing
  • Mux / Array Probes
    • The ELOTEST PL650 is perfectly suited for the parameter multiplex with up to 64 parameter sets as well as the sensor multiplex with up to 64 external individual sensors or array sensors. Multiplex rate up to 125 kHz.
  • 10 Hz - 12 MHz Frequency Range
    • Best inspection results with a classic Eddy Current and harmonic wave evaluation
    • Utmost inspection reliability through comprehensive system and sensor monitoring
    • Full integration through extensive I/O functions with a fieldbus connection
    • Flexible expandability thanks to the modular structure
  • PL650 + IPM
    • The Scan\Alyzer documentation and evaluation software combined with the modern Eddy Current testing technology provides precise signal and status analyses. It is also used for maintenance and production monitoring for safety relevant components, because of its serial scan function. The Image Processing Module (IPM) is the enhanced image evaluation functionality for marking, masking out and evaluating of Scan\Alyzer 7.x C-Scans.

Remote Models

A “remote” version of the ELOTEST PL650, equipped with an identical hardware configuration, but without a user interface, is available for specific needs. The ELOTEST PL650R provides all functionalities with no limits and is operated by remote control via a touch screen or a PC-Client. The minimum version of the ELOTEST PL650R is equipped with a CHM-650 Eddy Current testing module. The PL650R has a maximum of 16 channels, and the PL650RC has a maximum of 4 channels.

Technical Specifications

PL650 Specifications

Module Slots 16 slots for functional modules
Module Types
  • Test channel module CHM-650 (one included in the basic price)
  • Fieldbus I/O module with fast quadrature inputs (option)
  • 24 V I/O module with fast quadrature inputs (option)
  • 8-channel analog I/O module (option)
Display Widescreen color TFT display in IPS technology, 1280 x 800 pixels, 256 mm (10.1") diagonal
Display Port Output Display Port Output for external Full HD monitors (via USB also with touch screen operation)
Test Channel Module CHM-650 Test Frequency Range
  • 10 Hz - 12 MHz
  • Driver output +/- 10 Vs; max 1000 mA
  • Measurement and control of the sensor current
  • Voltage/current controlled operation
  • Continuous monitoring of transmitter coils for wire breakage and interturn short circuiting
Sensor Input Stages
  • Two input channels per module
  • Differential inputs with 90 dB common mode rejection
  • Continuous monitoring of receiver coils for wire breakage
  • Low-noise, digitally adjustable preamplifier with multiplex capability
  • 2 x 18-bit ADC with 5 MSps conversion rate
  • Fully digital demodulation and FPGA-based signal processing at 250 kSps Sample Rate
  • Sensor multiplexer with up to 125 kHz multiplex rate
Digital Signal Processing
  • High-performance signal processing chain in FPGA with
  • Digital sine wave generator 10 Hz - 12 MHz
  • Two independent levels of digital de-modulation
  • Digital signal processing chain with
  • Distance compensation without auxiliary channel (option Advanced)
  • Signal Filter HP/LP independently adjustable 1 Hz - 100 kHz in 29 logarithmic increments per decade
  • Phase adjustment 0-359.5° in 0.5° increments
  • Various real time evaluation thresholds depending on application and licensing
Sensor Connection
  • 26-pin HD sub connector for connection of all sensor types, compatible with the ELOTEST PL500 series
  • Connection for active sensor arrays with up to 64 sensors per channel
  • Connection for external sensor multiplexer for up to 64 sensors per channel
  • Intelligent TriggerAll input for processing a wide variety of trigger signals
Integrated I/O Processor
  • Central, high-speed I/O processor integra-ted in the basic unit
  • Shift register, end suppression, FIFO functionality, configurable I/O functions
  • Access to the outside world via I/O boards (fieldbuses, 24V-I/O) or via programmable channel-related I/O ports
Basic Functions per Channel that Require a Basic License (Selectable)
  • 1-frequency defect detection
  • 1-Frequency FastSort
  • 1-frequency Q-Sort
  • 1-frequency MeanSort
Additional Functions per Channel for which an Advanced License is Required (Selectable)
  • Harmonic analysis 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonics
  • Crack testing with distance compensation
  • Multi-frequency defect detection
  • 4-frequency FastSort (with harmonics)
  • Multi-frequency Q-Sort (with harmonics)
  • Multi-frequency MeanSort
  • Internal sensor Multiplex (2 sensors)
  • External Sensor Multiplex (up to 64 sensors)
  • Parameter Multiplex (up to 64 parameter sets)
  • Frequency mix function
  • Tolerance band Gate
Available I/O Modules (Option)
  • I/O-650, Profibus-Module
  • I/O-652, Universal-I/O- Module
  • I/O-654, EtherCat-Module
  • I/O-656, Profinet-Module
  • I/O-658, Analog-I/O-Module
  • I/O-659, RS422-Module
  • I/O-6510, Ethernet/IP-Module
Remote Control Capability / Computer Software
  • Remote control via Full HD touch panel with virtual front panel (up to 100 m)
  • Remote control and remote maintenance via TCP/IP and supplied PC client (Windows, Linux, MAC)
  • Remote control via customized software with an open TCP/IP protocol
PL650 Series Dimensions

Model Hight Width Depth
PL650 194 mm 483 mm 418 mm
PL650R 194 mm 483 mm 418 mm
PL650RC 184 mm 269 mm 322 mm


Purchasing Guide

To purchase the ELOTEST PL650, please send the following with your quote request:

  • What parts are to be inspected?
  • Type of inspection (crack detection or material sorting)
  • Size and orientation of cracks in the part
  • Area of inspection
  • Can you provide representative sample parts for an application study?
  • Throughput
  • Type of mechanics the equipment will be integrated in

The PL650 is available in different housings:

  • PL650 – 19” rack mount with display

  • PL650R – 19” rack mount without display, unit can be operated via full HD capable Touchscreen display or via Ethernet connection and Maxwell client software. PC and Touchscreen are not part of delivery scope but can be quoted upon request

  • PL650RC – half (1/2) 19” rack mount without display, unit can be operated via full HD capable Touchscreen display or via Ethernet connection and Maxwell client software. PC and Touchscreen are not part of delivery scope but can be quoted upon request

Product Literature

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