Fischer FMP Series Coating Thickness Gauges

Fischer FMP Series Coating Thickness Gauges

Basic handheld instruments for non-destructive coating thickness measurement on virtually all metals


Fischer FMP10, FMP20, FMP30, and FMP40 Handheld Instruments

The portable FMP10, FMP20, FMP30 & FMP40 represent precise measurement technology and are ideal for samples and control measurements. These user-friendly and sturdy instruments can be adapted to requirements of coating thickness measurement using interchangeable measuring probes. The most significant values are displayed and can be stored together with the calibration results in the instrument, ensuring quick and reliable operation.

Instruments Comparison

Deltascope (FMP10, FMP30)

For the measurement of ferrous base materials (F), e.g. paint, lacquer, powder coating, chrome, copper, zinc, as well as enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron.

Isoscope (FMP10, FMP30)

For the measurement of paint, powder coating, lacquer or plastic coatings on non-ferromagnetic metal base materials (F) or anodic coatings on aluminum and electrically conducted coatings on non-conducting carrier materials.

Dualscope (FMP20, FMP40)

Due to automatic base material recognition and the integration fo both measurement methods, these universal instruments are capable of measuring coatings on steel and iron (F) and on non-ferromagnetic metals (NF). Duplex coatings (lacquer / zinc) on steel can be measured simultaneously with the values of the lacquer and zinc coatings displayed individually.

Deltascope FMP30 using the probe FGAB1.3 and support stand V12 BASE – measuring parts with position accuracy

Isoscope FMP10 using probe FTA3.3

Dualscope FMP20 using probe FTD3.3

Instruments Comparison Table

FMP Deltascope / Isoscope / Dualscope Comparison Table

Probes Deltascope Dualscope Isoscope Storable Meas. Applications Statistics, Evaluation Measurement Strategies
Exchangeable Deltascope FMP10 Dualscope FMP20 Isoscope FMP10 1 Display of the most significant statistical values (number and measurements, mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range)

Single Reading acquisition

Free-running Display

Deltascope FMP30
w/ Bluetooth
Dualscope FMP40
w/ Bluetooth
Isoscope FMP30
w/ Bluetooth
Up to 100

Display of the most significant statistical values (number of measurements, mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range) and specific value

Tolerance monitoring

Graphical evaluation

Single reading acquisition

Free-running display

Area measurement

Multiple measurements

Automatic measurement

Matrix mode





Measurement Method Magnetic Induction Method (DIN EN ISO 2178, ASTM D7091) Eddy Current Method AND Magnetic Induction Method (DIN EN ISO 2360 and 2178) Eddy Current Method (DIN EN ISO 2360, D7091) - - -


  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Automatic substrate material recognition (FMP20)
  • Large contrast-rich color display
  • Memory for up to 1,000 readings
  • USB interface for data transfer to the PC
  • Instant measurement
  • Audible signal with measurement acquisition
  • Easy adaptation to the shape of the specimen through a zero point correction (normalization)
  • Easy to perform corrective calibration (verification of accuracy)
  • Units of measurement can be switched between µm and mils

Optional Upgrades:

  • External key-triggered measurement acquisition, e.g. in hollow cylinders with small diameters
  • Audible and visual warning when tolerance limits are exceeded
  • Optional Bluetooth or COM additional available to the default USB interface


  • Paint manufacturing and processing
  • Electroplating plants
  • Final inspection of goods
  • Anodizing plants

Probes Guide

*Note: probes for the FMP Series are sold separately and must be selected upon checkout

Magnetic Induction Probes (for Fischer Deltascope & Dualscope)

  • FGAB1.3 (#604-141)
  • FGABW1.3 (#604-178)
  • F20H (#604-535)
  • FGABI1.3-150 (#604-175)
  • FKB10 (#604-177)
  • FGB2 (#604-179)
Eddy Current Probes (For Fischer Isoscope and Fischer Dualscope)

  • FTA3.3H (#604-142)
  • FAW3.3 (#604-193)
  • FAI3.3-150 (#604-187)
  • FA9 (#604-188)

Kit and Accessories

FMP Series Kit Includes

  • FMP Series Instrument
  • Operator's Manual
  • Support CD with evaluation and archiving software DataCenter, USB Drivers and operator's manual
  • Carrying strap FMP
  • USB Interface cable FMP / PC
  • Battery set FMP (Alkaline)
  • Carrying case (only for FMP30 and FMP40 instruments)
Optional Accessories

  • Carrying case FMP
  • Adapter E-probe / F-socket
  • AC Adapter FMP30 & FMP40
  • Rechargeable battery set FMP (NiMH)
  • Charger AA / Mignon
  • Measurement stand V12 BASE
  • Measurement stand V12 MOT (motor driven)
  • Bluetooth Module for wireless data transfer
  • COM Module FMP30 / FMP40, RS232 Interface
  • Interface connection set for COM Module
  • Protective cover for instrument

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to

FMP Coating Thickness Gauges

Fischer Technology Deltascope FMP10 CT-FT-605-021 $904.00
Fischer Technology Deltascope FMP 30 CT-FT-605-022 $1,416.00
Fischer Technology Isoscope FMP10 CT-FT-605-027 $904.00
Fischer Technology Isoscope FMP30 CT-FT-605-028 $1,416.00
Fischer Technology Dualscope FMP20 CT-FT-605-023 $1,017.00
Fischer Technology Dualscope FMP40 CT-FT-605-024 $1,818.00

Magnetic Induction Probes

Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - FGAB1.3 Pencil Probe 2000 μm (78.4 mils) CT-FT-604-141 $790.00
Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - FGABW1.3 Right Angle Probe 2000 μm (78.4 mils) CT-FT-604-178 $904.00
Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - F20H Large Probe Tip 2500 μm (98.4 mils) CT-FT-604-535 $563.00
Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - FGABI1.3-150 Inner Diameter Probe 1000 μm (39.2 mils) CT-FT-604-175 $1,131.00
Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - FKB10 Double-Tip Right Angle Probe 8 mm (315 mils) CT-FT-604-177 $1,077.00
Fischer Technology FMP Magnetic Probe - FGB2 Single-Tip High Thickness Range 5 mm (195 mils) CT-FT-604-179 $1,017.00

Eddy Current Probes

Fischer Technology FMP Eddy Current Probe - FTA3.3H High Precision for Thin Coatings 1200 μm (47 mils) CT-FT-604-142 $736.00
Fischer Technology FMP Eddy Current Probe - FAW3.3 Right Angle Probe 1200 μm (47 mils) CT-FT-604-193 $963.00
Fischer Technology FMP Eddy Current Probe - FAI3.3-150 Inner Diameter Probe 800 μm (31 mils) CT-FT-604-187 $1,131.00
Fischer Technology FMP Eddy Current Probe - FA9 Right Angle Probe 3.5 mm (137 mils) CT-FT-604-188 $1,310.00

Dual Probes

Fischer Technology FMP FD13H Dual Probe 2000 μm (78.4 mils) CT-FT-604-508 $1,017.00
Fischer Technology FMP FDW13H Dual Probe 2000 μm (80 mils) CT-FT-604-800 Request Pricing