MTU-3 MPI Reference Block Type 1

MTU-3 MPI Reference Block Type 1

MTU-3 Reference Block Type 1 Magnetic Particle Test Block per EN ISO 9934-2:2002

Cracked Test Piece for the Evaluation of Magnetic Particles

The MTU-3 Test Block is used to check the sensitivity of magnetic particle materials, assess material degradation and assess bath contamination. This two-sided block has a variety of indications ranging in size from small to large and each block has a completely unique crack pattern that mimics natural cracking. Can be used with fluorescent or visible particles. For application, ensure the block is free from dust, oil and other repellent materials before applying a well-mixed inspection medium. Compare your results with the supplied reference photograph before cleaning your block immediately to avoid permanent indications. 

MTU-3 Blocks are prepared in accordance with the EN ISO 9934– 2:2002 (Annex B) Page 15 Figure B.1.



Ideal For

  • Evaluating MPI test materials
  • Comparing different consumable brands
  • Comparing fresh and used magnetic particles
  • Checking that aerosol cans are actually delivering particles as expected

Product Literature

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NDT Supply MTU-3 Magnetic Particle Reference Block Type 1 MT-TM-MTU3 $295.00 $250.00