Spectro-UV DSE-100X/L

Spectro-UV DSE-100X/L

DSE-100X Radiometer/Photometer Measures Both Visible and Black Light DISCONTINUED

*NOTE: This product has been discontinued, the suggested replacements are:

B&W LumaCheck Spectro-UV XP-2000 Spectro-UV XRP-3000

Previously a Spectroline / Spectronics Product

DSE-100X is a convenient meter that can assure your compliance with MIL and ASTM standards for both visible and black light. It can be supplied with a UV Sensor (microwatts per square centimeter) and/or a Visible Light Sensor (lux or footcandles).

The DSE-100X is the best value for a company that needs only one sensor.

Buy it with only a Visible Light Sensor now and add a UV Sensor when yours needs to be changed.

Manufactured for high performance by Spectro-UV Corporation... the world leader in UV technology since 1955


Full Item Descriptions

DSE-100X - DSE-100X, Digital Readout Unit - ONLY (uw/cm2 ft. candles)

DIX-365A - DIX-365A, UV Sensor, 365 nm

DIX-555A - DIX-555A, White Light Sensor, Footcandles

DIX-555A/L - DIX-555A/L, White Light Sensor, LUX

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DSE-100X Radiometer/Photometer UV-SP-DSE-100X Discontinued Item