Y-1 AC Magnetic Yoke Kit - 2nd Generation

Y-1 AC Magnetic Yoke Kit - 2nd Generation

The new generation of light weight, ergonomically designed yokes

Y-1 AC Magnetic Yoke - 2nd Generation

This product has been discontinued. See links for replacement options: Parker P2 or Magnaflux Y-2.

The Magnaflux Y-1 AC Magnetic Particle Inspection Yoke is the new generation of light weight, ergonomically designed yokes that improve job performance and productivity by reducing operator arm and wrist fatigue when testing in tight, confined and overhead areas.

New and improved 2nd Generation model!


  • Ergonomic, light-weight design
  • Soft-grip, angled body for improved positioning
  • Trigger style on / off switch
  • Reinforced eyelet for hands-free carrying
  • 25% increased lift strength
  • Wider legs for better contact
  • Shields for extra leg protection
  • Sealed core to resist corrosion
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • Serial number on each yoke
  • Oil and abrasion resistant power cord



  • Y-1 Yoke Light

The Magnaflux Yoke Light Kits offer enhanced visible method detection of flaws and discontinuitites under low and no light situations.

  • Ten Pound Test Weight for the Y-1 Yoke

The Magnaflux Ten Pound Test Weight is designed specifically for the Y-1 Yoke. The weight has balanced distribution and a built in leg positioning guide to assure accure test results every time. Dimmensions of the test weight are 9" x 2" x 2". Each weight is serialized and is shipped with certification documentation, stating that it meets ASTME1444-5.

General Specifications:

Weight: 4.56 lbs

Elec. Requirement: 115V, 60Hz or 230V/50-60Hz

Leg Span: 0" - 11" (0 - 30cm)

Cord Length: 10 feet

Warranty: 1 year


Y-1 Yoke Kit Includes: Y-1 Yoke, One lb. of #1 Gray and one lb. of #8A Red Powder, Paint Marker, SCRUBS Hand Cleaner, and Portable Carrying Case and Instructions.

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Y-1 AC Yoke w/case only - 115V MT-MX-623502 Request Pricing
Y-1 AC Yoke w/case only - 230V MT-MX-623503 Request Pricing
Y-1 AC Magnetic Yoke Kit - 115V MT-MX-623529 Request Pricing
Y-1 AC Magnetic Yoke Kit - 230V MT-MX-623530 Request Pricing
Yoke Light for Y-1 only MT-MX-623745 Request Pricing
Magnaflux Ten Pound Test Bar MT-MX-624115 $158.00