iShot SeeUV 1" UV PoleCam HD 1000 Camera System

iShot SeeUV 1" UV PoleCam HD 1000 Camera System


The iShot SeeUV PoleCam HD 1000 is a visual inspection system that combines high definition Color CCTV and select optics with UV and White Light Illumination housed in a rugged 1” diameter pole. An operator can conduct Ultraviolet and/or white light inspections typical of magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant tests of hard-to-reach internals in components such as shafts. Has illumination control for controlling intensity separately with a 365 nm peak. Uses a high definition 1/6 CMOS 2MP image sensor housed in a robust pole with 5 optical adapters providing multiple angles of view and magnifications, and can capture color video and still images.


  • 1.00” diameter camera head and pole
  • Standard pole lengths of 2, 4, 6, and 10’
  • Simultaneous and independent White and UV light ideal for magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspections
  • Balanced illumination through fiber optics provides uniform lighting
  • High resolution color camera with remote focus ensures crisp, high resolution video images
  • Supports resolutions of 1080/30P, 720/60P or VGA/120
  • 5 optical adapters to choose from: 0, 45, 60, 90 (narrow FOV) and 90 (wide FOV)
  • Optical adapters have quick simple hand change
  • Lightweight rugged construction allows easy inspection
  • Sliding fixtures available in multiple lengths.
  • HD Format

Slide Fixture Accessory

The SeeUV PoleCam HD 1000 Slide Fixture provides easy and repeatable inspection methods for the SeeUV PoleCam HD 1000 Inspection System. The slide fixture has a quick capture and release vice to hold the borescope. Options of the length of travel are 12", 20", 28", and 50”.

Ideal for repeatable and reliable part insertion of bore internals > 1" diameter.

  • Fixture for quick and repeatable FPI & MPI
  • Designed for the SeeUV® PoleCam HD 1000 Camera Inspection System
  • Travel length options: 12", 20", 28", and 50"
  • Quick-release tooling

Technical Specifications

PoleCam Specifications

Image Sensor high definition 1/6 CMOS 2MP color image sensor
Video Format 1080/30P, 720/60P or VGA/120
Sensor Pixels 1920 x 1080
Direction of View 0, 45, 60, 90 with available Optical Adapters
White Balance Automatic White Balance
Focus Remote Focus
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