Step-Wedge Image Quality Indicator per ASTM E2597

Step-Wedge Image Quality Indicator per ASTM E2597

Step-Wedges in Aluminum, Titanium & Inconel

Intended for use by DDA (digital detector array) manufacturers for evaluating and comparing the condition of pixels as well as noise, contrast sensitivity and other DDA qualification parameters. End Users may also use for comparison when selecting a system and for tracking performance over lifetime of the DDA.

The wedge has six steps with a center groove in each step and is designed according to the specifications listed in ASTM E2597.



Aluminum 6061, Titanium Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel 718


Technical Specifications

Step Wedge per ASTM E2597 Specifications

Materials Aluminum 6061, Titanium Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel 718

Complies with ASTM E2597-07

CE certified (declaration of conformity according to ISO/IEC 17050-1)

Aluminum 6061 210 x 175 x 100 mm
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V 210 x 175 x 30 mm
Inconel 718 210 x 175 x 12.5 mm
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Contrast Sensitivity Step Wedge, AL - Aluminum, acc. to ASTM E2597 RT-KT-11-00180 $1,405.00
Contrast Sensitivity Step Wedge, TI - Titanium, acc. to ASTM E2597 RT-KT-11-00181 $5,315.00
Contrast Sensitivity Step Wedge, IN - Inconel, acc. to ASTM E2597 RT-KT-11-00182 $6,910.00