NDR Products Model 86-C3

NDR Products Model 86-C3

Dual Upright X-Ray Film Viewer

*NOTE: This product has been replaced by the LCNDT FV-2014-IRIS

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Combines a full vertical 14"x17" viewing area and a 4" diameter bright spot with a built-in iris diaphragm, for viewing dense film.

Each viewing area is controlled by its own brightness control. No more having to readjust the brightness every time you switch from one side to the other.

Large viewing area is illuminated by two 300 watt incandescent lamps for extra bright illumination; good for thirty five hours at full brightness.

When the viewer is turned on, the 14"x17" side turns on. When the footswitch is depressed, the bright spot illuminates instead.

Two cooling fans run any time the main switch is on.

Can be retrofitted with two footswitches, one for each side.

Heat generated by the bulbs is dissipated by the fan in each section and a heat reflecting glass is used in the bright spot section, to protect the film from overheating.

No tools are required for changing the bulbs.

The 14"x17" plexiglass slides out of slots for access to that section and the bright spot section has a hinged door for easy access.

Bulb Specifications:
The left side uses 2x BAH 300W Bulbs

The spot uses 1x ELH 300W Halogen Bulb

Dimensions: 22.5" x 19" x 12"
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs

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