QED Mobile Darkroom Accessories

QED Mobile Darkroom Accessories

Source Overpack Box


The Source Overpack Box fits all OEM's Gamma Ray Projectors and is 16"L x 10"W x 10.5"H. Includes a base plate (shown left) that can be bolted to the darkroom floor that the box then slides into and the two can be locked together with a padlock. Another padlock can also be used to secure the box in a closed position when not in use. Padlocks are not included with the Source Overpack Box.


Other Darkroom Accessories

Developing Tank Replacement Seal


Low-Profile Heater/Blower



Truck Step Without Hand Rail


Truck Step With Hand Rail

LH-HS-R (Old Part #: SP-001236)

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
QED 21" Wide x 3/4" Thick x 1" Long Developing Tank Replacement Seal with Peel Off Adhesive (Specify Length When Ordering) RT-Q-SP-001499 $2.15
QED Replacement Low-Profile Darkroom Heater/Blower RT-Q-SP-001053 $115.00
QED Source Overpack Box with Mounting Bracket Fits all OEM's Gamma Ray Projectors (ID: 16"L x 10"W x 10.5"H) RT-Q-SP-001581 $275.00
QED Hinged Darkroom Truck Step without Hand Rail, Yellow RT-Q-SP-001235 $353.00
QED Hinged w/ Handrail Darkroom Truck Step, Yellow (Old Part #: SP-001236) RT-Q-LH-HS-R $529.00