Magnaflux Magnaglo MG-3410

Magnaflux Magnaglo MG-3410

Fluorescent Powder (to be used with water only)

Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:

Magnaflux Magnaglo MG-450A

Magnaflux Magnaglo MG-3410

Magnaglo® MG-3410 is a dry free flowing green magnetic powder composed of MagnaGlo® MG-410 particles and wetting agents.

Magnaglo® MG-3410 is used with water as the suspension vehicle and fluoresces green under black light (wavelength of 365 nanometers).

Magnaglo® MG-3410 magnetic powder contains conditioners which improve magnetic particle suspension, mobility and wetting of the test part surface. No additional wetting or conditioning agents are required when Magnaglo® MG-3410 is used.

Magnaglo® MG-3410 is used in inspection for small and large defects in steel billets, tube rounds and large castings.

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