FlawTech Standard Composite Examination Kit

FlawTech Standard Composite Examination Kit


This NEW Composite Training and Testing Flawed Specimen Kit is the premier introduction tool for the world of composites with multiple thicknesses of carbon fiber, types of cores and typical flaws found in composite manufacturing. This kit was designed and manufactured with input from industry SME experts and was vetted using a Beta model process with feedback from the reviewers to finalize this kit into its current form. A first for our industry.

The Kit exposes the trainee or technician to a wide range of various composite scenarios. There are 8 Individual Specimens with one to three flaw each. Flaws range from Wrinkles, Voids, Foreign Materials, Delaminations, and Dis-bonds. Carbon Fiber Laminate thickness ranges from 0.25” to 0.75” and Cores from 0.75” to 1.00”. Cores include Aluminum Honeycomb, Cardboard Honeycomb, Foam and Balsa. It also comes with our complete document package included.


Kit Specifications

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Total of 8 Specimens:
    • CK-1: 3-Step Step Block (0.25", 0.50" & 0.75" Steps) Step 1 - Wrinkle; Step 2 - Void; Step 3 - Foreign Material
    • CK-2: 3-Step Cored Step Block (1.25", 1.50" & 1.75" Steps) Step 2 - Delamination
    • CK-3: 0.25" T x 8" x 8" Solid Carbon Fiber Laminate Gold Plate
    • CK-4: 1.5" T x 8" x 8" Carbon Fiber - Aluminum Honeycomb Core Grid Plate
    • CK-5: 1.5" T x 8" x 8" Carbon Fiber - Cardboard Honeycomb Core Grid Plate
    • CK-6: 1.5" T x 8" x 8" Carbon Fiber - Foam Core Grid Plate
    • CK-7: 1.5" T x 8" x 8" Carbon Fiber - Balsa Wood Core Grid Plate
    • CK-8: 0.25" T x 3" x 7" Solid Carbon Fiber Laminate Lap Joint Plate
  • Specimens will be identified with a serial number
  • Flaws: 1 - 3 randomly placed flaws per specimen, for a total of 15 flaws
  • Flaws will consist of Wrinkles, Voids, Foreign Material - Plastic, Foreign Material - Paper, Delaminations and Dis-bonds.
  • Final Documentation: Certificate of Conformance, "As Built" CAD drawings and Test Sheets
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 17" x 25"

There is a $5.00 handling fee on FedEx shipments from FlawTech.

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