AFFRI METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester

AFFRI METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester

Meets ASTM E3246-21 Requirements

Portable Hardness Tester

metaltest metaltest application

The METALTEST is a compact, pocket-sized, wireless hardness tester with commands and LCD incorporated on the top. It is very easy to use. Place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the handgrip right down, release the pressure and the hardness immediately appears on the display.

metaltest metaltest metaltest
metaltest metaltest


Technical Specifications

Accuracy: Better than 1%
Data Output: RS 232 C (USB on request
Preload: 1 kgf (9.807 N)
Test Load: 5.6 kgf (54.92 N)
Standards: ASTM E110 / DIN 50157

The METALTEST Comes Complete with:

  • Unit
  • Diamond Indenter
  • HRC Block
  • Adjustable Base for testing on flat or round pieces up to Ø 200mm
  • Table and Instruction Sheet
  • Supplied with Certificate traceable to primary lab

Additional Accessories:

  • Large "V" support for round surfaces with more than Ø 200mm
  • 3 point base for irregular surfaces or round pieces
  • Support to perform tests on extrusion screws
  • Handclamp

Hardtest - Handclamp Supporthardtest
The hardtest is a hand clamp system that accomodates the METALTEST, which blocks the testing piece and allows steady measurements avoiding sample movements. Easy and safe with a testing capacity of 30 x 30mm, and useful especially for hard-to-test items or items with odd shapes (i.e. tests on spring wires). It comes with an anvil and various other accessories.
hardtest hardtest

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METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester Kit Includes: Unit, Indenter (M3), Adjustable Caliper base, HRC Test Block with ILAC traceable certificate, V+ flat face Base and User Manual HT-AF-METALTEST-KIT Request Pricing