AFFRI METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester

AFFRI METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester

Meets ASTM E3246-21 Requirements


The METALTEST is a compact, pocket-sized, wireless hardness tester with commands and LCD incorporated on the top. It is very easy to use. Place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the handgrip right down, release the pressure and the hardness immediately appears on the display.

Features & Advantages

  • Compact and pocket-sized, the hardness tester can be moved everywhere.
  • Wireless with embedded display and commands.
  • Extremely easy to use and always ready for all measurement condition and surfaces.
  • Accurate measurements on thin metal sheets, coating chromium surface, rolled steel and profiles - Minimum thickness > 0.06 mm.
  • A Rockwell measuring system with diamond indenter and depth measurement.
  • Read directly in Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, Shore, Webster, Barcol, N/mm2 and test temperature measurements.

Technical Specifications

Metaltest Specifications

Standards ASTM E3246 – 21 / DIN 50157 / ASTM E140
Indirect method on certified test blocks: ASTM E-10 / ASTM E-18 / ISO 6506 / ISO 6507 / ISO 6508
Data Output  RS232 to USB (serial monitor)
Preload 1 kgf (9.807 N)
Test Load 5.6 kgf (54.92 N)
Feasible Tests Rockwell: HRA (20...92); HRB (26...100); HRC (0...80); HR15N (69...93); HR30T (16...83)
Brinell: HB5 (5...205); HB30 (66...884)
Knoop: (25...97)
Vickers: (13...1865)
Tensile Module R (226.. .2898); HZA (0...250)
Webster B 0 / 20 (On request)
Barcol 0 / 100 (On request)
Leeb unit (On request)
Accuracy Better than 1 %

Product Literature

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METALTEST Portable Hardness Tester Kit Includes: Unit, Indenter (M3), Adjustable Caliper base, HRC Test Block with ILAC traceable certificate, V+ flat face Base and User Manual HT-AF-METALTEST-KIT Request Pricing