Pacific NDT MosaiX Aerospace Inspection Solution

Pacific NDT MosaiX Aerospace Inspection Solution

Large Parts Inspection, Smart Stitching Software, Highest Resolution Detectors

Imaging Area of 42" x 51"

The PiX MosaiX Imaging Solution is tailor made for large part inspection. MosaiX provides you a imaging area of 42" x 51" captured in minutes and the length of your imaging area can be extended using the sliding module attachments. In addition to the X-ray of wings, the MosaiX solution is ideal for rotors, blades or large part automotive inspection, etc. MosaiX ensures flexible mounting solutions for multiple detectors with varying resolution, yielding the most efficient X-ray capture solution available. Our Smart-Stitching feature, embedded in our software, captures MosaiX high resolution images and builds them precisely into large areas scans to ensure accuracy and integrity. Defects as small as 25-50 microns can be seen using our high definition detectors in sync with our small focal spot constant potential portable x-ray units making the MosaiX Imaging Solution the ideal choice for this industrial imaging discipline.



  • Lowest Radiation Possible
  • U.S. Based Customer Support
  • Plug & Play Solution
  • Single Click Image
  • Full-field AED & Trigger Mode
  • Rugged Rhino protective Armor
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Sensitivity Mode
  • Suite Of NDT Tools (including Smart Stitching)
  • 100% Portable & Battery Operated
  • Thin, Lightweight Digital Imagers


  • Detects cracks (Internal & External)
  • Measure porosity
  • Analyze weld quality
  • Physical Damage Assessment

Where to Use

  • Wings
  • Motor
  • Infrastructure
  • Propeller


Software Features

  • Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Flip
  • Text, Shapes, Distances, Areas
  • Invert, Window/Level, Histogram
  • Crop, Mask, ROI, Overlay
  • Best fit, 1:1 Display, Split Display
  • Undo, Redo, Reset, Presentation State
  • Configurable UI, Multi-Language
  • Info for Part and Study,  Overlay
  • Image Storage, Import/Export, Diconde
  • Line Profile, Duplex Wire
  • Smart Stitching
  • ROI Statistics, SNR, CNR
  • Image Processing, Flitters, Embossing, Pseudocolor
  • Image Database Management System
  • Report Writer
  • User Loggins, Roles


Kit Includes

  • Pacific DR Panel
    • Available Sizes: 14"x17", 10"x12", 4"x9", 1"x1.4" and 4"x12"
  • X-Ray Source
    • Determined depending on scope of the project. The following X-Ray sources are currently fully integrated in the software: Golden XRS 150 / 200 / 3 / 4, Teledyne Lite-X, Comet 300D EVO and Spellman SPX 300. Others can be provided as well.
  • Accessories
    • Including but not limited to dongle, USB wifi converter, etc
  • Pelican Case
  • Rhino DR Armor
  • Motorized Scanning Frame
  • Ruggedized Laptop or Tablet
  • PiX Software for Image Acquisition, Storage and Transfer
  • Advanced Image Processing Algorithms
  • PiX Control Box for Wireless Image Capture

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