Pacific NDT Solution Aerospace Inspection

Pacific NDT Solution Aerospace Inspection

Pacific Imaging Solution
Aerospace Inspection


Pacific Imaging's Digital Radiography (DR) systems are 100% portable and fully battery operated, serving as complete, out-of-laboratory X-ray inspection devices. The system's thin digital imagers can easily be carried by a single operator and inserted in upwright and elevated locations. Built-in fast wireless up to 300m (line of sight) enables rapid set-up, smooth operation and seamless imaging. Pictures below show images acquired using Pacific Imaging Software and Digital Detector using High Energy X-ray.

Pi Software with its "SINGLE CLICK" process makes acquiring images very easy. When you launch the software, detector & x-ray are auto-connect. Just press "READY" & an image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred onto a tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.




Pacific Imaging Aerospace Solution Includes:

  • Pacific DR Panel
    (Available in 14"x17", 17"x17" & 10"x12" options)
  • Ruggedized Laptop and / or Tablet
  • Pi Software
    (For image acquisition, storage and transfer)
  • X-ray Source
    (Determined depending on scope of project)
  • Accessories
    (Includes but not limited to dongle, USB WiFi converter, Pelican case, etc...
  • DR Protective Armor
  • DR Mount (Heavy Duty)
  • AEROSPACE Processing Algorithms
    (Optimized to image 12" - 14" thick Concrete)
  • WiFi
    (Air Pi Wireless Trigger for Detector

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Aerospace - Main Benefits
Analyzes weld quality
Physical Damage Assessment

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