Integrity Products Integrity Drainplug

Integrity Products Integrity Drainplug

Integrity Products Integrity Drainplug

Integrity Drainplugs, made with flame-resistant, non-combustible Polyphenylene Sulfide Black (PPS), helps mitigate the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI) by allowing water or moisture to drain freely from the insulation system. Currently, metal cladding and chaulking / sealants are used to protect the insulation from mechanical damage & weather conditions. Due to several causes, water or moisture still gets into the insulation system causing deterioration of thermal properties and eventual CUI. Creating an extra backup is essential. By installing the Integrity Drainplug at regular intervals and at low points along insulated pipes, it will help drain moisture from the system and extend the life of piping and equipment. Integrity Drainplugs can be easily adjusted to insulation thicknesses.


  • Helps mitigate CUI
  • Drains moisture from the insulation system
  • Allows air to circulate to dry out insulation
  • Easily adjusts to insulation thickness
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in serrated edge to easily core out insulation
  • Extends the life cycle of the equipment


Materials: Polyphenylene Sulfide Black (PPS)
Color: Black
Wall Thickness: 0.03" (0.75 mm)
Length: 6" (152.4 mm)
Diameter: 0.67" (17 mm)
Weather Resistance: Excellent
UV Resistance: Excellent
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Notched Impact Strength: Charpy 23°C 4kJ/m2 (ISO 179)
Melting Point: 536°F (280°C)
Notched Impact Strength: 9.5 kJ/m2

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