Ernst Antares Microscopes

Ernst Antares Microscopes

Ernst Antares Microscopes


Antares is the new ERNST 20X light microscope for Brinell reading.

Built-in LEDs provide an excellent and even illumination of the Brinell identation's edge, avoiding ambient light reaching the impression and disturbing the reading, thereby ensuring accurate and reliable results in all situations.

Rugged aluminum housing provides durability. The scope is delivered complete with ring for improved stability during testing and a stainless steel base for testing in tight locations.

Up to 50 hours continous operation without replacing the battery.


Min. Diameter: 0 - 0.24" / 0 - 6mm with 0.5 graduations
Objective Lens: 20X
Power Supply: 3V battery for 50 hours continuous operation
Working Conditions: 32°F - 122°F / 0°C - 50°C in product environments (molding, foundries, etc..)
Working Dimensions: 1.6" / 40mm. 0.63" / 16mm with small base for tight locations
Dimensions: 6" x 2" / 153 x 51mm
Weight: 1.3 lbs. / 0.6kg
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