Fischer Technology SigmaScope SMP10

Fischer Technology SigmaScope SMP10

Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

Note: This product line has been discontinued, the replacement is:

Fischer SigmaScope SMP350

The Fischer Technologies SMP-10

Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

The SMP10 is our best buy recommendation for a feature packed instrument

The SIGMASCOPE® SMP10 is a hand-held instrument which provides rapid, simple, on-the-spot and if necessary, contact free measurement of the conductivity of non-magnetic metals.

The SIGMASCOPE SMP10 is a compact, ergonomic portable instrument with a shock resistant synthetic housing, a large backlit LCD screen and a user friendly keyboard, with direct access to the most important measurement functions.

ES-40 Probe

ES-24 Probe


General Purpose Probe

  • Typically used for sheets, bars and extrusions
  • Minimum Area: 15mm/0.600"
  • Edge Distance: 11mm/0.440"
  • Min Diameter: 2mm/0.080"


Special Purpose probe

  • Typically used for fasteners and other small parts.
  • Minimum Area: 3.3mm/0.132"
  • Edge Distance: 0.8mm/0.032"
  • Min Diameter: 2mm/0.080"


The corresponding measurement probe ES40 operates at the measurement frequencies of 60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz and 480 kHz.

For automatic temperature compensation of the conductivity measurement, the current temperature of the specimen can be measured using either the temperature sensor integrated in the probe ES40 or an optional external sensor.

For the conductivity measurements of very thin Aluminum platings of only about 0.2 mm thickness in the aircraft industry, the SIGMASCOPE® SMP10-HF is available. The measurement frequencies are 60 kHz, 240 kHz and 480 kHz with probe ES40 and 1.25 MHz, with probe ES40-HF.


  • The electrical conductivity measurement is employed for the production, processing or inspection of finished goods made of non-ferrous metals.
  • The electrical conductivity measurement is an important quality assurance component in the manufacture, maintenance or repair of airplanes.


  • Standard measurement according to ASTM E 1004 and DIN EN 2004-1.
  • Menu driven operator guidance
  • 100 application memories for calibrations and 20,000 measurement data.
  • Diameter independent measurement on cylindrical parts through input of curvature radius.
  • Automatic determination of temperature coefficient for the electrical conductivity of aluminum alloys, by material selection or direct coefficient input
  • Measurement capture: automatic, continuous or with external start
  • Fast analog display
  • 3-stage measurement resolution
  • Graphical presentation of the specification limits on the display
  • Extensive statistical evaluation of test series with date and time capture
  • Display modes: scientific, statistic or simple
  • Current saver function
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Temperature input: manual or automatic
  • Monitoring of the temperature change over time
  • Alarm function for the absolute temperature deviation
  • Master calibration using 8 standards
  • Corrective calibration using a maximum of 4 standards
  • Acoustic signal for measurement capture and violation of specification limits
  • 5 display languages

Fischer is the acknowledged supplier of certified calibrations standards for the European Mints.

Internationally recognized Boeing Standards are used to establish the working standards of the SIGMASCOPE®SMP10.

SMP-10 Kit Includes:

  • Probe
  • Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • 100% IACS Standard
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case

*Standard Data Software available at no cost upon request

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Fischer Technology SigmaScope SMP-10: ES40 Probe (60 - 480 KHz) CM-FT-603-231 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology SigmaScope SMP-10-HF: ES40 Probe (60 - 1250 KHz) CM-FT-603-403 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology ES40L Probe (10ft Cable) CM-FT-603-318 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology ES40 Probe CM-FT-603-235 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology ES40HF Probe CM-FT-603-401 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology ES24 Probe CM-FT-603-888 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology Battery Pack SMP10 CM-FT-603-232 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology Adapter AC - SMP10/PMP10 (110V) CM-FT-603-233 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology Charge Station SMP-10 (110/220V) CM-FT-603-245 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology RS-232 Interface Cable (Software included 604-575) CM-FT-A07.40.02.03 Request Pricing
Fischer Technology Calibration for SMP-10 CM-FT-603-CAL Request Pricing