Krautkramer USM-35

Krautkramer USM-35

Color Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


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  • USM35X-DACFlaw Detector
  • Battery Charger
  • Operating Manual
  • Carry Case

    USM 35X DAC - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector bringing color to everyday testing

    Fast and bright color screen

    Color brings you many additional benefits in your daily inspection job such as:

    • Special highlight: patented color-coded display of legs for angle-beam inspection (e.g. welds).
    • Color display of monitor gates and curves (DAC, TCG and DGS) for direct recognition
    • Messages and alarms in red characters for increased attention. Use of color to display references (A-scan) to make comparisions easy. Colorized envelope curve display for echo dynamic analysis.
    • Multicolor screen combinations for technician preferences and to select best suitable color scheme according to the working environment.
    • VGA output to connect the instrument to an external monitor or video projector

      The USM 35 comes with a larger, high-contrast color display. Not only the display, but also battery concepts profit from innovations in the computer industry: the lithium-ion battery pack supplies the instrument with energy for up to ten hours and can remain in the instrument for recharging.

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