G.A.L. Gage Co. : No: 12-4 AWS Tool Kit

G.A.L. Gage Co. : No: 12-4 AWS Tool Kit

AWS Tool Kit

Used by American Welding Society

Kit contains:

CAT#5 V-WAC Gauge
CAT#6 AWS Gauge
1 7 Piece Fillet Weld Gauge
1 Dial Caliper (made in China)
1 Micrometer (made in China)
1 Magnifying Glass (2" 1.5X)
1 Heavy Plastic AWS Case


Specifiy English (inch) or Metric (mm)


CAT#12 AWS Tool Kit has 5 items that can be certified

CAT#5, CAT#6, CAT#8

Micrometer & Caliper

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
G.A.L. Gage Co. CAT #12-4, AWS Tool Kit, inch GA-GAL-12-4 $246.50
G.A.L. Gage Co. CAT# 12-4, AWS Tool Kit, metric GA-GAL-12-4/M $246.50
GAL Gage Calibration (with single combined gage cert for multiple gage purchase - price per gage) GA-GAL-CAL-A $20.00
GAL Gage Calibration (with separate gage cert for each gage purchased - price per gage) GA-GAL-CAL-B $25.00