TecScan Immersion Scanners

TecScan Immersion Scanners

Fully Automated Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Systems

Ultrasonic Testing Tanks & Systems

TecScan provides fully automated Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Systems for effective inspection of your products and components. These systems come in a variety of sizes and cover a myriad of applications, so whether you're inspecting engine parts in a laboratory or turbine blades on the shop floor, TecScan has an immersion system to suit your needs.

With TecScan Immersion Scanners, you can perform manual immersion ultrasonic testing, automated testing with contour following, or even full 3D inspections for complex components. Single element or Phased Array transducers can be used on all models, and C-Scan and tomography can also be achieved.


3 Kinds of Systems

Three series of TecScan Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Systems are available: the TS, TC, and Scan3D™­­ Systems.

TS Series

The TS  Series have standard tank sizes designed for laboratory & simple component testing.

TC Series

The TC Series are designed with heavy-duty structures and tanks for large scanning envelopes. These systems can be custom designed and built to suit the clients’ non-destructive testing needs.

Scan 3D Series

The Scan3D™ Series are High-Precision Systems designed for automated 2D/3D ultrasonic immersion testing of complex aerospace and industrial parts.

TS Series Immersion Systems

Versatile and Rugged

This standard series of ultrasonic scanning systems is designed to be versatile and rugged. The configurations of the TS systems range from simple 2 automated X-Y axis manual Z-axis, to 5 fully automated X,Y,Z,G,G (Gimbal/Gimbal) axes.

Controlled by our TecView™ UT data acquisition and analysis software package, there are several available models that feature standard immersion tank sizes packaged to suit clients’ needs and requirements for laboratory and industrial applications.



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  • Automated Lab Scanner
  • Manual X & Y Axis
  • Manual Z Axis (search tube xxmm)
  • Aluminum Structure - 1/2" Acrylic Tank



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  • Industrial Scanner
  • Motorized XYZ Axis
  • Steel Structure
  • 1/2" Acrylic Tank


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  • Large Industrial Scanner
  • Motorized XYZ Axis
  • Steel Structure
  • Stainless Steel Tank


Common Applications Include:

  • Aircraft Components
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Engine Components
  • Weld Defects

TC Series Immersion Systems

Custom Designed

The TC series immersion systems are custom designed for non-destructive ultrasonic testing applications. They represent turnkey and modular solutions which consist of a heavy-duty mechanical structure, a system workstation unit housing all requiring electronics, and an advanced ultrasonic pulser-receiver unit. The mechanical assembly is made of welded steel tube structure and a heavy duty stainless steel tank with acrylic windows.

Completely automated and controlled by TecView™ software, the TC Series come in a variety of sizes and are made to order, ensuring a custom fit for your requirements, no matter what they are.

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  • Heavy-duty stainless steel with Acrylic windows
  • Welded steel structure
  • High speed UT scanning
  • High motion resolution and accuracy
  • Motion control up to 12 axes
  • TecView™ UT multi-tasking software
  • Full waveform digitalization
  • Real-time A, B and C-Scans
  • High quality encoders and DC servo motors
  • Linear amplifiers that minimize the noise interfering with UT signals
  • Hardware for Pulse on Position scanning
  • Home switches for high position repeatability

Scan 3D™ Series Immersion Systems

A Revolution in Ultrasonic Testing

The Scan3D™ Series are high-performance immersion scanning systems which are designed for the most demanding non-destructive ultrasonic testing applications. This line of automated immersion systems is carefully designed for high scanning speeds and inspection of complex components used in aerospace and industrial applications.

Combined with a state of the art 3D motion control system and data acquisition software TecView™3D, and our Gimbal/Gimbal ultrasonic probe manipulator, the Scan3D™ solution revolutionizes the ultrasonic immersion inspection process. 

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The 3D motion control system and Gimbal/Gimbal ultrasonic probe manipulator make the Scan 3D series ideal for testing components with complex contours



  • Contour-following 2.5D & 3D
  • Interactive tools for part entry
  • Synchronized motion/axes
  • Coordinated motion
  • Probe & beam calibration
  • Part creation from CAD files
  • Simultaneous PE & TT
  • Results display on 3D parts

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