Durr NDT HD-CR 35 NDT / CR 35 NDT Systems

Durr NDT HD-CR 35 NDT / CR 35 NDT Systems

Durr NDT HD-CR 35 NDT / CR 35 NDT
Computed Radiographic Systems
Versatile and Dependable Systems for Every CR Application

There are 2 models available:

  • HD-CR 35 NDT
  • CR 35 NDT


Whether for a portable application in the field or as part of the production process, with the HD-CR 35 NDT you have peace of mind, now and in the future. This is in part due to its unique TreFoc Technology, allowing the widest range of applications and the highest resolution of all CR scanners. The CR 35 NDT without TreFoc Technology is ideal for erosion and corrosion inspections and any general NDT inspections you might have with high resolution.

TreFoc Technology
TreFoc Technology is laser focusing technology developed by Durr NDT, that adjusts the laser beam size in-order-to provide the optimum image result with the highest signal-to-noise-ratio for the specific task at hand.

Inside the laser tube, an iris diaphragm adjusts the laser beam diameter. Since the perfect laser beam diameter can be selected for each object and image type, optimum results for any particular application can be easily achieved.

Regardles of the application - high resolution image or low exposure corrosion measurement - TreFoc technology gives the perfect image results with the best SNR every time. The principle of changing the laser beam diameter takes into consideration the maximum resolution of the Imaging Plates available, achieving the best image with the lowest noise.


Standard Operation Workflow

1. Position imaging plate(s) and expose
2. Select an existing project or create a new one
3. Select the desired application and scan mode
4. Enter X-ray parameters (recommended) and start the scan
5. Feed in the imaging plate(s) - intake then starts automatically
6. Examine the image(s) or forward them for examination

Mobile Operation Workflow


Remote Operation without PC

Scan Process
After the object type has been selected, the scanner sets all scan parameters perfectly so that an optimal image result can always be expected.
Add Information
If required, various predefined fields may be filled with additional information like kV, mA and exposure time. In-order-to distinguish different sites or tasks, those may be added too. If no additional information is required, skip this step.
Preview and Release
After the scan has been taken, the quality of the image can be checked on the built-in display and release for storing.


Features of HD-CR 35 NDT & CR 35 NDT:

  • Highest Resolution - 30-micron basic spatial resolution (SRb) BAM certified. Even the tiniest defects are easily identified.
  • Individually Adjustable - The preconfigured scan modes can be easily modified, or new ones added to suit your particular application.
  • High Throughout - Several imaging plates can be scanned simultaneously with automatic cropping and saving.
  • Flexible Formats - Able to process imaging plates of all sizes and quality grades as well as shapes specific to a workpiece.
  • Robust and Durable - The scanning system is tried and tested with over 100,000 sold to date. The scanner works perfectly in dirty and dusty environments.
  • Extremely Low Maintanence - Only minor servicing required every 2 years even if used in dirty and dusty environments.
  • Consistent Image Quality - Using a special imaging reference object, the system can be quickly qualified to the latest standards. The separately available CR Phantom also contains instructions for carrying out the qualification process.
  • Universal - Perfectly suited to the diverse tasks of radiographic inspection, including ISO, ASTM and ASME standards.
  • Portable & Compact - At just 38.5 lbs. (17.5 kg), is the lightest and most compact full-format scanner (60.6 lbs. / 27.5 kg including transport case)
  • No Darkroom Needed - Special imaging plate accessories are available to protect from light when used in daylight conditions.
  • Intuitive Software - The DICONDE compliant D-Tect software assists you in image evaluation, maximizing workflow.

D-Tect Software
D-Tect allows you to achieve optimal and time-saving inspection workflow. All necessary functions are included from image capture, analysis and report generation to data import / export and database management.

Key Features:

  • DICONDE interface
  • Automatic network database synchronization after field work
  • Extensive export functions
  • Simultaneous reference image adjustment
  • Automatic DICONDE import
  • Automatic filter settings for defined applications
  • Region of Interest (ROI) selection
  • SNR and CNR calculation
  • SRb determination
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Image filters to assist with evaluation
  • Radiographed material thickness
  • Angle and length measurement
  • Text and graphic elements
  • Image comments / annotations
  • Extensive cropping functionality
  • Line profile presentation
  • Report generation

Network Integration
In addition to normal single workstation use, the software can be effortlessly integrated into a network if a collaborative workflow is required. It is also possible to interface with external cloud solutions.

Basic spatial resolution (SRb)
After loading an image, the SRb is automatically determined by drawing a line over the duplex wire IQI accoring to ISO 17636-2 and ASTM E2446-2015.
Report Function
In a few easy, steps a comprehensive report can be generated from the project data. Custom templates can also be created.
Simple and reliable evaluation
Consistent quality and detection of the finest details are essential for NDT - specially designed filters and functions make simple and effective evaluation possible. With only 3 clicks, it is possible to save optimum evaluation setting for use with subsequent images.
Wall thickness measurement
This optional tool measures at one or more points along the straight or curved walls of a pipe. Limits can be defined so that warnings are shown when the wall thickness becomes critically thin. All the latest standards requirements are also taken into account.
Specifications HD-CR 35 NDT CR 35 NDT
Laser Spot Size: 12.5 - 25 - 50 µm, TreFoc Technology 50 µm
SRb (basic spatial resolution): 30 µm, BAM certified 80 µm
Min./Max. Imaging Plate Size: 0.8" to 14" x 2" to 39" (2 to 35 x 3 to 100 cm)
Dimensions: 15.8" x 14.6" x 18.5" (40 x 37 x 47 cm)
Weight: 38.6 lbs. (17.5 kg)
Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, < 140 W
Temperature Range: 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 50°C)
Noise Level: < 39 dB(A)
Interfaces: Ethernet (TCP-IP), WLAN
Touchscreen: 4.3" TFT, 800 x 480 pixels
Internal Storage: SDHC, max. 32 GB
Software: Durr NDT D-Tect (DICONDE compliant to ASTM 2339)
Imaging Plates: High sensitivity, regular definition, high resolution, ultra-high resolution
Standard Format: 4.5" x 10", 4.5" x 17", 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 6 x 24 cm, 6 x 48 cm, 10 x 48 cm, 18 x 24 cm, 24 x 30 cm, 30 x 40 cm, 35 x 43 cm, further formats and individual shapes available upon request.
Accessories: Transport Case, Durr NDT CR-Phantom, Mobile Power Adapters, feed guides, protectors for imaging plates and more.

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