Parker Research DA-200 AC/DC Yoke

Parker Research DA-200 AC/DC Yoke

The Original Parker Yoke with the Strongest Lift Strength - 50 lbs DC and 20 lbs AC, Leg Span of 0" - 18", Weighs 12 lbs, Top Mounted Thumb Switch and 1.3"W x 1.25"H Handle Dimensions. Made in the USA

 The Largest and the Strongest

The DA-200 Contour Probe is an AC/DC Magnetic Particle Yoke with the highest field strength Parker Research has to offer. The AC mode produces an intense AC field, for detection of surface defects and demagnetizing after inspection, and the DC mode produces an intense Half Wave Rectified DC field, for detection of some sub-surface defects. This is the original Parker yoke that has been an industry standard for over 45 years. With its flexible, fully adjustable leg design, it allows the field to be "focused" at a precise area of inspection (regardless of part size or mass) and can be used with either dry powder of wet fluorescent materials.


Key Differences

  • Highest Field Strength Available (50 lbs in DC mode)
  • Largest Yoke Available (0" - 18" Leg Span)


  • Highest Lift Strength - 50 lbs in DC mode
  • 0" - 18" Leg Span
  • Versatility and Powerful Performance in a Rugged, Reliable Instrument
  • Constant AC or Half Wave Rectified DC Fields with the Flip of a Switch
  • Apply Continuous Magnetic Fields and Demagnetize too
  • Use with Dry Powder, Wet Fluorescent or Visible
  • High Impact-Molded Housing
  • One Year Repair / Replacement Guarantee

Applications Include

  • Field Testing
  • Spot Inspections
  • In-service Inspections
  • Demanding Environments
  • Welding Inspections
  • Defect examples include: Inclusions, Seams, Shrink Cracks, Tears, Laps, Welding Slags, Grinding Cracks and more

Technical Specifications

DA-200 and DA-200S Specifications

Weight 12 lbs (5.44 kg)
Electrical Requirements

DA-200: 115VAC - 50/60 Hz: 6 amps

DA-200S: 230VAC - 50/60 Hz: 4 amps

Lift Strength AC - 20 lbs / DC - 50 lbs
Switch Placement Top Mounted
Handle Dimensions 1.3"W x 1.25"H
Leg Span 0" - 18" (0 - 457 mm)
Cord Length 10' (3.048 m)
Duty Cycle 50%
Construction High-impact, glass-filled nylon housing

CE Certification available for DA-200S

Kits Include

Steel Case Kit A Includes:

  • Steel Carrying Case
  • 1 lb. Red Powder
  • 1 lb. Gray Powder
  • PB-1 Powder Blower

Plastic Case Kit A Includes:

  • Super Tough Plastic Carrying Case
  • 1 lb. Red Powder
  • 1 lb. Gray Powder
  • PB-1 Powder Blower

All Parker Research A/B Kits have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Kit A remains available. If wet fluorescent magnetic particles and a UV lamp are required, we suggest the following:

Mi-Glow 778S-RTU and FL-200 Handheld UV Flashlight

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Parker Research DA-200 AC/DC Yoke, 115VAC MT-PR-DA200 $587.00
Parker Research DA-200S AC/DC Yoke, 230VAC MT-PR-DA200S Request Pricing
Parker Research A-48 48VAC (Export) MT-PR-A48 Request Pricing
Parker Research Steel Case Kit A - Includes Steel Carrying Case, 1 lb. Red Powder, 1 lb. Gray Powder and PB-1 Powder Blower MT-PR-A-KIT $182.00
Parker Research Plastic Case Kit A - Includes Super Tough Plastic Carrying Case, 1 lb. Red Powder, 1 lb. Gray Powder and PB-1 Powder Blower MT-PR-PL-A-KIT $134.00
CE Certification for Parker Research DA-200 Series (should only be purchased for 230V models) MT-PR-CE-DA200 Request Pricing
Parker Research Small Rugged Plastic Carrying Case for Magnetic Particle Yokes MT-PR-C-CASE $51.00
Parker Research Large Rugged Plastic Carrying Case for Magnetic Particle Yokes MT-PR-PL-CASE $103.00