Elotest IS

Elotest IS

Up to 2 channels (up to 12 in IS.MC), excellent price/performance ratio

Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:

Elotest PL650

Elotest IS

Non-destructive testing using eddy currents, makes possible the detection of material defects e.g. cracks and other inhomogeneities, in almost any electrically conductive materials.

The ELOTEST IS recognizes property and alloy conditions, variations in conductivity, firmness and hardness, by evaluation of the electromagnetic characteristics and deviations in geometry.

The areas of application in the production line are optimized, for automatic testing and evaluation of continuous material and mass produced parts.

The instrument is operated by a clearly organized keypad with 9 keys. The clear function assignment to these keys, makes it possible even for non-experts to quickly learn the handling of the instrument. The operation is further supported by corresponding clear text messages on the screen. 64 applications (instrument setups) are stored internally in the instrument and can be called up by the operator or the RS232-interface.

Microprocessor control and communication interfaces enhance easy integration into production and testing procedures. Depending on the requirements, up to 12 channels can be used.

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Elotest IS ET-RM-IS Discontinued Item