Fischer Technology MMS Inspection DPM

Fischer Technology MMS Inspection DPM

Fischer Technology MMS Inspection DPM


Monitoring climatic ambient conditions

Dew Point

Surface Temperature

Air Temperature

Relative Humidity

Easy and convenient operation

Compact and robust case

The MMS Inspection DPM gauge models measure all relevant climatic variables such as relative humidity, air and surface temperature and determine dew point and the temperature difference between dew point and surface temperature from these variables. All these variables may be monitored as well as continuously logged by means of the Log function.

Gauge properties:

  • Ideal for onsite applications due to its compact size, lightweight, robust and durable instrument design
  • All measurement sensors (humidity, air, surface temperature) are integrated into the gauge, for single-handed operation
  • Additional temperature sensors can be connected to the gauge, e.g., sensor with magnetic support for continuous measurement of surface temperature
  • IP65, dust-tight and water repellant and resistant
  • Intuitive operation of menu navigation and graphic display
  • The measurement presentation flips automatically allowing optimum reading in different positions
  • Different languages selectable


For detailed specifications see attached brochure below

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Fischer Technology MMS Dew Point Gauge DPM Starter with USB Interface. Memory 10,000 readings. CT-FT-606-032 $730.00
Fischer Technology MMS Dew Point Gauge DPM High, with USB, BT & WiFi Interface. Memory 250,000 readings / 2,500 batches. CT-FT-606-033 $1,163.00