ETher WeldCheck Series Eddy Current Flaw Detectors

ETher WeldCheck Series Eddy Current Flaw Detectors

ETher WeldCheck Series Eddy Current Flaw Detectors


Both the WeldCheck 2 and WeldCheck+ are well suited for weld inspection, surface defect detection and low frequency inspection of non-ferrous material.

The WeldCheck 2 is a single channel instrument that offers a simplified specification but boasts a 10Hz - 20MHz frequency range.

The WeldCheck+ is a dual-frequency eddy current inspection instrument with conductivity functionality.


  • Large, crisp, daylight readable display
  • User friendly interface and ergonomic lightweight design
  • Over 7 hours of battery life
  • Rapid 2.5 Hour charging time
  • Designed to meet & exceed the requirements of EN 1711 & ISO 17643 "Eddy Current Examination of Welds by Complex Phase Analysis"
  • Advanced features include Loop, Guides & Automatic Lift-Off Gain Correction
  • Two-year warranty

probe-connectorsIndustry Standard Probe Connectors
Absolute, bridge and reflection connected probes can use the industry standard 12 Way LEMO Connector and a LEMO 00 Connector is also provided for simpler connection of absolute probes.

Wide Frequency Range
The single frequency WeldCheck 2 has a frequency range of 10Hz to 2MHz. The dual channel WeldCheck+ offers 10Hz to 12.8MHz, ensuring a diverse range of real world applications can be met.

works the way you do

Works the Way You Do!

The WeldCheck Series has been created with user convenience and efficiency in mind at all stages of the design and manufacturing process. One Key Benefit of the WeldCheck Series is the "flip" function providing the ability to work identically in left-handed mode and right-handed mode.

Lightweight, Compact & Rugged
The WeldCheck Series weighs 2.7 lbs. (1.2kg) and has a robust tough aluminum alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder coated outer case and fitted with rubber feet to aid grip, with the internal design optimized to resist moist, tropical or salt-laden atmospheres.

Both instruments have two integrated molded "Sure Grip" handles on the rear of the case making them equally at home whether on the workshop bench or in the field, with integral an integral hand-strap for even greater ruggedness and easier grip in use.

The WeldCheck Series also has enhanced durability through a fully fitted custom designed outer "protective boot".


Daylight Visible Large Color Screen
We understand that the operator will use the WeldCheck Series in all & types of weather and light conditions and being able to see the & screen properly is a top priority.

The WeldCheck has a fully daylight readable 14.5cm LCD Color & Screen of 640 x 480 pixels, ensuring the operator has excellent signal resolution and presentation no matter what the working conditions & are.

The operator has the choice of configuring their own color schemes and display types. This will optimize their viewing ability of the screen in any light conditions. It is possible to view the readings in a choice of spot, time-base, waterfall or meter display types.

Extraordinary Battery Life
With more than 8.5 hours of battery life with a 100kHz Weld Probe and maximum backlighting, the WeldCheck is an obvious choice when faced with a long day of Eddy Current NDT. With the internal memory able to store over 500 saved readings, the WeldCheck can easily be in the field for an entire shift without needing to be returned to base for charging.

In addition, an external AA battery power pack can extend the battery running time for a further 4 hours.

Equipped for All Environments
We know that in an oilfield environment the WeldCheck is going to come up against some of the harshest working conditions in the NDT Industry, not to mention being lifted and lowered on ropes, dropped and bumped.

With a rear foot stand and four harness attachment points, the WeldCheck is designed to be used in all environments from the desktop in the office to the rigors of the job site.

iconsEasy to Use Menus & Icon System
The WeldCheck Series is simple and fast to navigate with the ability to add individually selectable soft key menu items to the sidebar as recognizable icons for rapid function access and quick setting menu for easy set-up, review and adjustment.

With four operator-selectable soft keys and a fifth slot for the last menu function used, technicians can quickly set up the system with their preferences. Each saved instrument setting can be associated with a unique, single press set of quick access soft keys. There are also two front panel hard keys that can be readily programmed for rapid single press access to frequently used functions.

record and replayRecord and Replay
Up to 164 seconds of live data may be recorded in real-time and then played back either on the instrument or on a PC, using the desktop application ETherAnalyser for subsequent analysis and review. The recorded data may be further optimized by adjusting many settings including Phase, Gain, Filters, Display and Spot Position.

All Possible Applications Covered

The WeldCheck 2 and WeldCheck+ offer maximum flexibility when deciding which features are needed for your application.

Key Differences

    key differences

    Exceptional Screen Clarity for any Application

    screen qualityScreen Quality

    Features Available on the WeldCheck 2 & WeldCheck+

    Guides Feature:
    setup"Guides" allows the user to display a slide show that can be created easily with commonly used desktop software. The benefit of this feature is that instructions, tutorials and procedures for an inspection can be added to the WeldCheck+ very quickly and the NDT instructor can easily switch between the inspection itself and the "Guides" while performing a live test.
    Trace Feature:

    traceThe trace function allows a reference trace to be stored on the screen and appear along the graticule behind the live spot, allowing th operator to readily compare the live data with the reference calibration.

    "Loop" Feature
    Loop is a convenient way of capturing a short live repetitive signal and then optimizing the instrument settings through real-time adjustments of the Phase, Gain, Balance, Filters and Display Configuration, in order to simplify the task of optimizing the parameters.

    The Loop function is excellent for calibration set up especially for setting a Dual Frequency mix.

    Exclusive Features only Available on the WeldCheck+

    dual-frequencyDual Frequency / Channel Feature
    At different frequencies, different signal indications (e.g. lift off and defect) have a different relative phase and amplitude response. By means of phase rotation and Gain change of the X Y signal components, one of these indications can be manipulated to be almost identical in phase and amplitude as the other and then be subtraction (mixing), the unwanted component is minimized, giving an improved detection of the wanted signal.

    auto-mixAuto-Mix Feature
    A dual frequency mix exploits the phase and sensitivity change between two different types of indication to suppress one and enhance the other.

    Auto-mix simplifies the sometime complex procedure of mixing two different frequency signals and can be achieved on the WeldCheck+ through a series of easy steps. Ultimately, once set up, the Auto-mix itself is as simple as pressing one key.

    conductivityConductivity Measurement
    When connecting the Conductivity Probe, the WeldCheck+ auto detects the probe and seamlessly switches into conductivity mode. Removal of the probe switches the instrument back to flaw detection mode.

    NB: The conductivity Measurement Option is available through the purchase of the KACON001 Kit.

    Automatic Lift Off Gain Compensation
    The Lift Off Gain (LOGC) is a feature that automatically compensates the gain of the defect channel according to the paint thickness, thus ensuring that a defect signal will appear the same height irrespective of the paint thickness.

    Standard WeldCheck 2 Kit Includes:

    • WeldCheck 2 Instrument
    • Power Adapter + Input Plugs
    • Adjustable Shoulder Strap, padded with quick release
    • USB Cable - A to MIN B
    • Quick Reference Card
    • Software + Manual on USB Stick
    • Soft Carrying Case
    • Calibration Certificate

    Standard WeldCheck+ Kit Includes:

    • WeldCheck+ Instrument
    • Power Adapter + Input Plugs
    • Adjustable Shoulder Strap, padded with quick release
    • USB Cable - A to MIN B
    • Quick Reference Card
    • Lemo 00 to Microdot - 1.5m (Absolute)
    • Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4 Way (Reflection)
    • Software + Manual on USB Stick
    • Soft Carrying Case
    • Calibration Certificate

    Basic Probe Kits Available for:

      • Weld Inspection
      • Surface Inspection
      • Sub Surface Inspection
      • Tube Testing
      • Conductivity (WeldCheck+)
      • EC-ET-KAWEL001 Weld Probe Package Including:
        PWM100S00 - Probe, Weld, Dia 16.00mm (Medium) 100kHz, Straight, Disconnect
        PUB100K - Probe, Unshielded, Broad Band 100k (35kHz-250kHz), BNC
        ATBW - Test Block, Weld Probe, Ferrous (Steel EN1A) + x4 0.5mm Shims, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0mm slots.
        ALL12-L04-015B - Cable, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, 1.5m (Bridge)
        ALLCX-B02-015A - Cable, Lemo 00 to BNC, 1.5m
        AW003 - Butterfly PTFE Tape (Pack of 30)
        AC002 - Deluxe Probe Case PHDC1
        EC-ET-KASUR001 Surface Probe Package including:
        PU500PSFE / NFE - Probe, Unshielded, 500kHz, Fe/NFe, Plastic Handle, Straight, 100mm Long
        PS002PS028-114N - Probe, Shielded, 2MHz, Plastic Handle, Straight 28mm Tip Length (Total Length 114mm, 4.5") (Straight Shank)
        PS500PD064-114N - Probe, Shielded, 500kHz, Plastic Handle, Double Crank, 6.4mm (0.25") Tip Length (Total Length 114mm, 4.5") (15deg Crank, 90deg tip Shank)
        PS002PD064-114N - Probe, Shielded, 2MHz, Plastic Handle, Double Crank, 6.4mm (0.25") Tip Length (Total Length 114mm, 4.5") (15deg Crank, 90deg tip Shank)
        PK065002NFE - Probe, Knife, 65 deg, 2MHz, NFe, Unshielded
        ALLCX-M02-015A - Cable, Lemo 00 to Microdot, 1.5m
        ATBF - Test Block, Ferrous (Steel EN1A), 0.2, 0.5, 1.0mm slots
        ATBA - Test Block, Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0mm slots
        AW003 - Butterfly PTFE Tape (Pack of 30)
        AC002 - Deluxe Probe Case PHDC1
        EC-ET-KASUBS001 Sub Surface Probe Package including:
        PUS16 - Probe, Surface, Straight, Dia 16mm, 300Hz - 100kHz, Plastic, Lemo 4-Way
        PUR11 - Probe, Surface, Right Angled, Dia 11mm, 300Hz - 100kHz, Plastic, Lemo 4-Way
        ALL12-L04-015R - Cable, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, 1.5m (Reflection)
        ATB001 - Test Block, Aluminum 7075-T6, 1.6mm Thick, x4 Flat Bottom Holes 75% (1.2mm), 50% (0.8mm), 25% (0.4mm), 12.5% (0.2mm), Deep.
        EC-ET-KACON001 Conductivity Package including:
        PCON001 - Probe, Conductivity, 60kHz, Dia 13.00mm, Straight Lemo 7-Way c/w Quick Reference Card
        ALL12-L07-010-CON - Cable, 12-Way Lemo - 7-Way Lemo, 1.0m Conductivity
        ASIG014 - Dual Conductivity Reference Standards, Nominal Value 9.4% IACS (Nickel Silver) & Nominal Value 58.8% IACS (Aluminum Alloy)
        40516 - SKIRT - Conductivity Probe
        40517 - REFERENCE HOLDER - Dual Conductivity Standard (Thermal Bridge for Stability)
        B3061S - x10LG PLASTIC SCREWS (EGT5 M3x0.5 x 10mm Long, Natural)
        EC-ET-KATUB001 Tube Inspection Package including:
        PID138D0018K - Probe, Internal Diameter, Differential, Dia 13.80mm, Disconnect, 18k
        CIDL03F -Cable for ID, 12-Way Lemo, Flexible, 3.0m
        ATBTB1587 - Reference Block Holder for ASIGxxx
        ATB010 - Test Block, ID Probe Support Ring OD 25.4 x ID 16.6 x 20.00mm Long

        *Customized kits available upon request. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

        WeldCheck Eddy Current Flaw Detection Specifications

        Probe Connection
        12 Way Lemo 2b (Absolute, Bridge and Reflection) and Lemo 00 (for single element absolute probes
        Frequency Single Frequency 20Hz - 20.00 MHz with range variable resolution
        Gain Overall -12 to + 100 dB, 0.1 dB steps
        Input 0dB to 12dB
        Drive 0dB to 6dB steps (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm)
        Max X/Y Ratio ±76.0 dB
        Phase Range 0° - 359°, 0.1° steps
        Auto Phase Allows phase angle to be automatically set to a pre-set angle
        Filters Normal High Pass DC to 2kHz or 1/4 test frequency, whichever is lower in 1 Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation (0.01 - 0.5 Hz).
        Normal Low Pass 5 to 24kHz or 1/4 test frequency, whichever is the lower in 1 Hz steps.
        Balance Manual 14 internal balance loads: 2.2µH, 5.0µH, 6.0µH, 6.5µH, 7.0µH, 7.5µH, 8.2µH, 12µH, 15µH, 18µH, 22µH, 30µH, 47µH and 82µH
        Alarms Box Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual
        Sector Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual
        Output Open collector transistor (50v dc at 10mA max) available on 12 way lemo.
        Display Type 18 bit Colour, daylight readable, 5.7" screen
        Viewable Area (Horizontal x Vertical) 115.2mm x 86.4mm (4.5" x 3.4")
        Resolution (pixels) 640 x 480 (pixels)
        Display Modes

        Spot, Time base (0.1 - 20 seconds * 1 - 200 sweeps) Waterfall and Meter

        None, Grid (4 sizes: 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH), Polar (4 sizes: 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH)

        Graticules Trace Position: ±50%
        Offset Digital Spot Position Readout Display in X, Y or R, θ
        Internal Data Storage Setup Storage microSD up to 2GB, holding over 500 saves
        Stored Traces microSD up to 2GB, holding over 500 saves
        Outputs PC Connectivity USB (Full PC remote control plus Real Time data)
        Digital volt free alarm on Lemo 12 way
        VGA Full 15 way VGA output
        Languages Initially English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech and Polish. Others to follow.
        Power External 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 30 Watts
        Battery Internal 8.4V @ 3200mAH
        Running Time Weld Probe plus 100% backlight over 8.5 hrs. up to 10.5 hrs. with 50% backlight
        Charging Time 2.5 hrs. charge time. Simultaneous charge and operation.
        Physical Weight including Internal Battery 1.1 kg, 2.4 lbs
        Size (width x height x depth) 223mm x 141mm x 49mm / 8.8" x 5.6" x 1.9"
        Material Aluminum Alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated
        Operating Temp. 0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)
        Storage Temp. -10°C - 70°C (14°F - 158°F)
        IP Rating 54

        Product Literature

        Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
        WeldCheck Kit Includes: Hand Held Portable Flaw Detector, Software + Manual on USB Stick, Power Adapter with Conversion Plugs kit, Shoulder Straps, USB Cable, Soft Carrying Case and Quick Reference Card EC-ET-KIWEL001 Request Pricing
        Weld Probe Package Includes: Weld Probe, Dia 16mm (Medium) - 100kHz frequency - straight, Unshielded Broad Band Probe 35-250kHz with BNC Connector, Test Block, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way - 1.5m (Bridge), Lemo 00 to BNC Cable, Probe Covers and Carrying EC-ET-KAWEL001 Request Pricing
        Carrying Case with Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap and Quick Release Clips EC-ET-AWEL005 Request Pricing
        TriPod Bracket with 1/4 - 20 Camera Mount EC-ET-40470 Request Pricing