Ray Check ASTM E-801 IQIs

Ray Check ASTM E-801 IQIs

Ray-Check ASTM E801

ASTM E 801: Electronic IQI's are fabricated of clear acrylic plastic with Stainless Steel covers, lead particles (spheres), tungsten wires and lead identification numbers.

The stainless steel covers serve as shims. The IQI's are used in such a manner as to simulate as closely as possible the device being examined. To accomplish this, a set of eight IQI's is specified. These provide a range of cover thickness (of stainless steel shims) that is radiologically equivalent to the range of devices from glass diodes or plastic-encapsulated circuits (IQI # 1) to large power or hybrid circuit devices (IQI # 8).

Wire size increases with shim thickness. Higher power devices are radiologically compatible with the thicker coverings, because they use interconnecting wires that are large. Small signal devices are compatible with thin coverings. Particle size is normally independent of device type, so these remain constant.

The IQIs shall be permanently identified with the appropriate IQI number. The number shall be affixed by mounting a 0.125" (3.18mm) tall lead number on the flat bottom of a 0.250" (6.35mm) diameter hole. The identification number shall be of sufficient contrast to be clearly discernible in the radiographic image. Each IQI will have a serial number permanently etched or engraved on it. Each serial number will be traceable to the calibration image supplied by the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall radiograph the IQI with lead markers identifying the serial number.


Note: Serialized Radiographic products are not returnable.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Individual ASTM E-801 IQI - Specify a number 1-8 RT-RC-P-ASTM-E-801 $525.00
Set of 8 ASTM-E-801 IQIs with case RT-RC-PK-ASTM-E-801 $3,465.00