Foerster Defectometer M 1.837

Foerster Defectometer M 1.837

Mobile Crack Detection and Hardness Sorting for Aircraft, Automotive and More


The Defectometer M 1.837 is ideally suited for all situation requiring mobile crack testing. The unit has a defect resolution starting from just 20 µm and numerous automatic functions. The LED scale reading and LCD display ensure good legibility even in broad daylight or complete darkness. The long operating life of 35 h and USB port make it a perfect companion for manual crack and hardness testing and the separation of materials.



  • High sensitivity with a defect resolution from 20 µm
  • Ergonomic design for easy one hand operation
  • Automatic lift-off, zero, and tilt compensation
  • Warning for lifted off probe
  • Very good legibility of the LED scale display and the LCD display
  • 35-hour operation with activated backlighting
  • USB port for the visualization and documentation of the measurement results
  • Use of five probes for all materials
  • Probes from earlier Defectometers can be used
  • Integrated calibration standard


Perfect for a variety of applications:

  • Testing for surface cracks on turbine blades, on wheels, on wings around rivets etc. on aircrafts
  • Testing of surface cracks on bridges
  • Testing of surface cracks on gas pipelines
  • The flaw resolution is approximately 20 μm
  • Simple sorting tasks
  • Identification of hardness changes and detection of surface cracks on automotive components
  • Detection and evaluation of surface cracks on semifinished products

Special Probes

The respective probe elements are available as a shielded and unshielded version. The shielding reduces the expansion of the magnetic field, so testing closer to material edges is possible. The five different probe elements can be used in a wide variety of probe shapes. The probe form can be adapted individually to the respective requirement. If, for example, an incorrect bolt has been installed in a machine, the probe shape can be adapted so that the bolt can be reached without dismounting the machine. For more frequent applications, test kits are available to guarantee a simple and, above all, safe procedure.

Technical Specifications

Defectometer Specifications

Flaw Detection > 20 μm crack depth
Sensitivity Range 20 dB in steps of 0.5 dB
Flaw Threshold -99% to +99% in steps of 1% in combination with red LED and acoustic indicator
Zero Offset 0 - 99 %
Lift Off Warning LED and acoustic
Inspection Speed 0 - 0.15 m/s
Batteries 6 NiMH rechargeable battery type AA or standard batteries
Battery Charger Integrated into device
Power Supply 110 - 240 V
Serial Interface USB
Operation Time 35 hours (with NiMH rechargeable battery)
Range of Operation Temperature -10 to +55 °C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 81 x 178 x 42 mm
Weight 400 g


Defectometer M Accessories

Accessory Part Number
Eddy Current Probes N/A
Carrying Bag 1.837.01-7200
Holding Device 1.837.01-7400
Universal Power Supply N/A
Foldable Headphones 1.837.01-7400
Calibration Standards NFe: 1.837.01-1110
Fe: 1.837.01-1120
Aust: 1.837.01-1130
Ti: 1.837.01-1140
PC Software 1.837.01-8200
Airbus HFEC Inspection Kit 1.837.69-0038
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