Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Electromagnetic Yoke

Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Electromagnetic Yoke

Ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing

Y-7 AC/DC Electromagnetic Yoke

The Y-7 is a durable, high strength AC/DC magnetic yoke designed to detect surface and sub-surface indications in the most rugged applications. Featuring, sealed abrasion and chemical-resistant construction, articulating legs to contour to any part shape and robust strain-relieved 12 ft. cord for field use, the Y-7 is ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing. Solid-state controls allow the operator to use AC magnetic fields for surface indications or DC magnetic fields for sub-surface indications to meet all inspection needs.


  • Ideal for field testing, spot inspection, In-service inspections, demanding environments, weld inspection
  • Conforms to ASME BPVC, ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, ASTM E3024 standards
  • Exceeds ASTM lifting specification
  • Individual serial number for each yoke

Defect examples:
  • Inclusions
  • Seams
  • Shrink cracks
  • Tears
  • Laps
  • Welding slag
  • Grinding cracks
  • Quenching cracks
  • Fatigue crack

    • Y-7 AC/DC Yoke Light
      The Magnaflux Yoke Light Kits offer enhanced visible method detecton of flaws and discontinuities under low and no light situations.

    • 10 lb. / 4.5 kg Test Weight
      Designed specifically for AC magnetic yokes to confirm the yoke has sufficient strength to perform magnetic particle inspections. It has a built-in leg positioning guide to assure balanced distribution and accurate test results.

      Technical Specifications:
      • Weight: 115V - 7.4 lbs (3.4 kg) / 230V - 7.2 lbs (3.3 kg)
      • Leg Span: 0" - 12" (0 - 30 cm)
      • Cord Length: 12 feet (3.7 m)
      • Duty Cycle: 33%, max on time is 80 seconds
      • Current Draw: 115V / 60Hz: 6.0 A or 230V / 50-60Hz: 2.7 A
      • Warranty: 1 year

      Y-7 Yoke Kit Includes: Y-7 AC/DC Yoke, 1 lb. of #1 Gray, 1 lb. of #8A Red Powder, paint marker, hand cleaner towels and portable carrying case.

      Product Literature

      Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
      Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Yoke Kit - 115V MT-MX-43509 $992.00
      Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Yoke Kit -230V MT-MX-620741 Request Pricing
      Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Yoke with Case - 115V - 50 - 60Hz (old PN 43550) MT-MX-625643 $945.00
      Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Yoke with Case - 230V - 50 - 60 Hz (old PN 43560) MT-MX-625644 Request Pricing