Magnaflux ZA-1227 & ZA-1633

Magnaflux ZA-1227 & ZA-1633

Economical Integrated PT System

ZA-1227 & ZA-1633

The ZA-1227 features 17" deep tanks that are 12" x 27" on top. The desk top inspection station is larger for easier access. An ergonomic pass height 36" allows operators easy access. The developer station is designed to accept wet or dry developer.

Standard features include:

  • Dwell rack for the penetrant
  • Rinse stations
  • 1500 watt dryer
  • ZB-100F fan cooled Blacklight for inspection

Optional upgrades include:

  • Station covers
  • Addition of a cleaning station
  • Dynamic cloud developer
  • Stand alone inspection booth

This unit can be set up for 115 V or 230 V at no additional charge.

The ZA-1633 features a 15" deep tanks that are 16" x 33" on top. The updated design shows clean lines and easy maintenance.

The semiautomatic wash is still standard, but updated manual touch up has become easier.

An upgraded thermostat in the ZA-1633 offers more reliability and easier adjustability. The ZA-1633 comes with wire rack for dwelling and six (6) baskets for part processing and a ZB-100F fan cooled Blacklight over the rinse station. The dryer has 4000 watts of reticulating heat to quickly dry parts.

Options include:

  • Station covers
  • Vacuum dust
  • Collector and suction hood and stand alone inspection booth.
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
ZA-1633 Stand Alone Penetrant System - Configured for Water Wash - Method A (6 Stations - Penetrant, Drain, Rinse, Dryer, Developer, Inspection) PT-MX-621791 Request Pricing
ZA1227 WW, Water Wash LPI System, 115VAC/ 60Hz (5 Stations - Penetrant, Rinse, Dryer, Developer and Inspection) PT-MX-621792 Request Pricing
Lid for ZA-1227 Tank PT-MX-609178RE Request Pricing
Lid for ZA-1633 Tank PT-MX-609178P Request Pricing
Swirl Cloud Developer Upgrade Kit for ZA-1227 PT-MX-522125 Request Pricing
Swirl Cloud Developer Upgrade Kit for ZA-1633 PT-MX-522072 Request Pricing
Dynamic Cloud Developer Upgrade Kit for ZA-1227 PT-MX-522143 Request Pricing
Dynamic Cloud Developer Upgrade Kit for ZA-1633 PT-MX-522084 Request Pricing
Stand Alone Inspection Booth (Includes ZB-100F Black Light, White Light and Ventilation Fan) PT-MX-608363 Request Pricing