Echo SuperSonix Ambient Temp Couplant

Echo SuperSonix Ambient Temp Couplant

Highest Performance Ultrasonic Couplant

Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX Highest Performance Ambient Temperature Ultrasonic Couplant

SuperSoniX is the best water-based high performance couplant with a broad operating range and slow evaporation rate.

Product Description Product Specifications

Gel couplant, not stringy or sticky

Gel viscosity remains in place for overhead and vertical surfaces.

Broad operating range for water-based couplant

Improved stability against corrosion salts


Safety: Environmental and operator friendly

No formaldehydes, nitrates, nitrites or glycol ethers

Contains glycerin. Not for aluminum aircraft inspections.

Operating Range:
-10°F to 220°F (-23° to 104°C)

Viscosity: Medium flowable gel

Halogens & Sulfar: Less than 50 ppm

pH: 8.0 nominal at 20°C

ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (T-533)
NAVSHIPS 250-1500
Nuclear Grade (< 50 ppm Halogens & Sulfar)

1 gallon / 3.8 liter cubitainer
5 gallon / 19 liter cubitainer
15 gallon / 56.8 liter drum

55 gallon / 208 liter drum

: Wipe with a rag or water wash

Note: Minimum order for Echo Couplant is $75. For orders that do not meet our minimum, there will be a $25 small order processing fee.

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSonix Carton of 12 - 4 oz. / 118 ml bottles UT-EU-SS-4CTN $113.00
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX Carton of 12 - 12 oz. / 355 ml bottles UT-EU-SS-12CTN $120.00
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX 1 gallon / 3.8 liter with 1 refillable bottle and dispensing cap UT-EU-SS-1 $97.00
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX 5 gallon / 18.9 liter with 2 refillable bottles and dispensing faucet UT-EU-SS-5 $390.00
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX 15 gallon / 56.8 liter drum UT-EU-SS-15 $1,131.00
Echo Ultrasonics SuperSoniX 55 gallon / 208 liter drum UT-EU-SS-55 $3,458.00
Echo Ultrasonics Drum Pump for 15 gallon drum UT-EU-DP-15 $120.00
Echo Ultrasonics Drum Pump for 55 gallon drum UT-EU-DP-55 $133.00