Circle Systems Oil Based Mi-Glow #800L

Circle Systems Oil Based Mi-Glow #800L

Circle Systems Mi-Glow #800L

Mi-Glow 800L is a pre-proportioned combination of Mi-Glow 800 fluorescent particles and low odor inspection oil vehicle, packaged ready-for-use in five-gallon cans. Designed for revealing very fine defects, such as those found in finished products for the aerospace industry and other critical applications.

Physical Characteristics:
Forest green liquid, odorless.

Particle Certification:
Particles, carrier and mixture conform to or exceed all applicable industry specifications, including but not limited to MIL-STD-1949, MIL-STD-271(SH), ASTM E 709, ASTM B & PV Code - Section V and NAVSEA 250-1500-1. AMS 3044, AMS 3045, AMS 3161, AMS 2641 and DOD-F-87935 are covered under MIL-STD-1949.

Particle Color

Particle Size

AMS Standard

SAE Sensitivity*

Temperature Range

Fluorescent Yellow-Green 5 µm 3045 8 32-120°F (0-49°C)

***Representative of the number of lines shown on an AISI 01 Ketos tool steel ring as defined in SAE AS5282.

Note: Small order fee of $25.00 for orders valued less than $250.00

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Circle Systems Mi-Glow #800L, 5 gallon pail MT-CS-FG-3143 $172.00