Spectronics WM-100 Wall Mounting Bracket

Spectronics WM-100 Wall Mounting Bracket

WM-100 Wall Mounting Bracket

The WM-100 is a sturdy bracket for wall mounting of the lamp head. It is equipped with an adjustable pin for total flexibility. Simply attach the stainless steel bracket to a wall and place the lamp head on the pin. Now, the lamp head may be locked into any horizontal or vertical position desired by means of a quick rotation of the adjustable pin.

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps
BIB-150P Series, C-100 Series, FC-100 Series, SB-100 Series, SB-100P Series, SB-125 Series, SPR-100 Series, SPR-100P Series, SSC-100 Series and TRITAN Series Lamps.

Important Note:

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WM-100 Wall Mounting Bracket for all HID and Quadran Lamps with Pistol Grip and Tritan Series Lamps with LH-300A UV-SP-WM100 $196.00