Kowotest Densorapid D Handheld Densitometer

Kowotest Densorapid D Handheld Densitometer

Highly Accurate and Portable Densitometer, High Quality and Made in Germany

Accurate & Portable

Quick, accurate and portable, the Densorapid D handheld densitometer is equipped with an innovative digital measuring technique for precise measuring of the optical density of X-ray film. Fault-free measurements even in slightly inclined positions are guaranteed by the ergonomic hand probe, and the illuminated display allows for easy reading in dark rooms. Even calibration is simplified with the Densorapid's sophisticated software.


  • Measuring range of 0 to >5.0 Density films
  • High accuracy at +/- 0.02 D
  • Chargeable via standard USB and has a 30 hour operating time
  • Handheld probe has a soft tip to avoid scratching film
  • Sophisticated software for calibration and innovative digital measuring technique
  • Illuminated display
  • Made in Germany

Technical Specifications

Kowotest Densorapid D Specifications

Measuring Range 0.0 to >5.0 D
Resolution 0.01 D
Accuracy +/- 0.02 D
Repeatability +/- 0.01 D
Operating Time 30 Hours with Fully Charged Battery
USB Charger 100-240 V Micro-USB
Dimensions 5.3" x 2.9" x 1.1" (135 x 73 x 29 mm)
Weight 0.6 lbs. (0.25 kg)

Scope of Supply

  • Densorapid D Densitometer
  • Transport Case
  • Magnetic Measuring Mask 10x24 cm / Ø 10 mm
  • USB Charger
  • Kowostep D Density Step Tablet
  • Calibration Certificates
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Kowotest Densorapid D - Portable, Digital Densitometer - Set Complete with Calibration Certificate, USB Charger, Kowostep D Density Step Tablet and Case RT-KT-13-40540 $1,375.00