Foundrax BRINscope Duo Brinell Microscope

Foundrax BRINscope Duo Brinell Microscope

The Brinell Microscope with Dual-Illumination Options


The New BRINscope Duo

The BRINscope Duo is a Brinell microscope with Dual-Illumination Options. The new BRINscope Duo microscope has an illuminated graticule making measurements much easier, especially in poorly lit areas. It is built for shop floor use and comes in either 20x or 40x magnification.

The BRINscope Duo is made of of stainless steel, and is compact, lightweight and rugged. It also has its own built-in illumination.


The small area of the nose piece allows indentations to be read close to shoulders, corners etc. where other Brinell microscopes cannot reach. Parts with concave and convex geometries are more easily tested since the small base fits flush on the indentation.

The BRINscope Duo is battery operated and completely portable, and since it is operated by a button switch which only turns the light on when the Microscope is actually in use the Lithium batteries will give over 360 hours of useable illumination.

The illuminated graticule is much easier to see. This is a big help when measuring indentations on softer materials which have been hand-prepared and where the edge isn’t clear.  It is also beneficial in situations where the surface of the material is bright and there is low contrast between the indentation and the surrounding surface.

The completely assembled instrument offers precision ground optics; a special 3-way lens system that provides sharp viewing without further adjustments.

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