ETher NDE AmCheck Panel Mount EC Flaw Detector

ETher NDE AmCheck Panel Mount EC Flaw Detector

An Eddy Current Flaw Detector for the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Designed For the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Although it may look the same as ETher NDE's other quality Phase Plane instruments, don't let it fool you, the AmCheck has been designed specifically with the Additive Manufacturing industry in mind.  It can be conveniently panel mounted for inspection of AM parts during inspection, and streams data over the USB connection to the AM host computer for display, analysis and reporting. The ETher NDE AmCheck works as the perfect turnkey solution for manufacturers needing to add or retro-fit Eddy Current inspection to a CNC or Robotic System.


  • Convenient Panel Mounting for inspection of Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts during inspection
  • Dual Probe / Dual Frequency Capabilities
  • C-Scan Data Storage
  • DLL Data may be streamed over USB to the AM host computer for display, analysis and reporting
  • Eddy Current’s unique non-contact and intrinsically hassle free attributes (no couplant, no effluent and no radiation) means it is the best solution for in- process NDT, allowing the part to be inspected during manufacture, one or more layers at a time
  • Based on the well-respected AeroCheck+
  • Connection of two encoders for XY scanning
  • Automatic Control and C-Scan Data Acquisition using a 2 axis stepper motor scanner.


ETherScan Viewer

The data recorded in the C-Scan can be further analyzed on-board the instrument by changing the channel views, the phase and gain, or exported for further analysis using the post analysis PC Application ETherScanViewer.

Supported Accessories

XY Automated Scanner

Portable Manual XY & R Theta Scanner

2D Encoder

Incremental Miniature Encoders

Technical Specifications

ETher NDE AmCheck Specifications

Operating Modes Eddy Current Modes C-Scan
Eddy Current Single Probe Frequency
Eddy Current Dual Probe Frequency
Eddy Current 2 Probe, 2 Channel
Rotating Drive
Conductivity with thickness 
Probe Connectors Simultaneous probe operation possible using LEMO 12 way and LEMO 4 way
12-Way LEMO 2B (Absolute, Bridge, Reflection, Rotary, Conductivity)
4-Way LEMO 0B (Bridge, Reflection)
Rotary 600-3000 rpm. ETher Mercury Drive (ADR002) and Saturn (ARD001), Hocking 33A100, Rohmann MR3, SR1 and SR2 Drive (special adapter needed)
Conductivity Option becomes active with use of AMCheck conductivity probe and cable.
Frequency Dual Frequency Frequency Dual Frequency 10Hz - 12.8MHz & Mix -18 to +18dB on output
Gain Overall -18 to + 104dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps (104dB maximum)
Input 0dB or 12dB
Drive 0dB, 6dB and 10dB (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm).
Max X/Y Ratio +/-100.0 dB
Phase Range 0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps
Filters High Pass DC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, which ever is lower in 1Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation 0.01 - 0.5 Hz (6 steps).
Low Pass 1Hz to 2kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency, which ever is lower in 1 Hz steps.
Balance Load Manual 14 internal balance loads; 2.2μH, 5.0μH, 6.0μH, 6.5μH, 7.0μH, 7.5μH, 8.2μH, 12μH, 15μH, 18μH, 22μH, 30μH, 47μH, 82μH
Automatic Optimized balance load selection.
Mix Channel Frequency Full frequency range available on both channels
Probe Mode Simultaneous reflection / bridge and absolute including simultaneous two probe Differential and Absolute
Mix Gain X/Y -18 to +18dB
Mix Phase 0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps
Alarm Gates Box Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual.
Sector Fully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual.
Display Type 5.7” (145mm), 18 bit Color, daylight readable.
Viewable Area 115.2mm (Horizontal) x 86.4mm (Vertical)
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Flip Manual or automatic screen orientation change to enable left or right handed use.
Configurable Screen Full Screen, Single, Dual Spot or Dual Pane with variable size and location and function e.g. XY, Timebase, Waterfall and Meter.
Color Schemes User configurable Dark, Bright and Black & White
Display Modes Spot, Time base (0.1-20 seconds x 1-200 sweeps, up to 55 seconds), Waterfall, Meter with peak hold and % readout, Distance (single axis, changes with direction), Strip Chart (single axis, unidirectional) and C-Scan.
Graticules None, Grid (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH), Polar (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH)
Offset Spot Position: Y =-50 to +50, X =-65 to +65%
Digital Spot Position Readout Display in X,Y or R,θ
Summary Display of all settings in Legacy Format
Removable Data Storage Media Micro SD HC Card 32GB
Setup Storage Over 10,000 settings
Stored Screen Shots micro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 screen shots
Recorded Data Over 500 2.5 minute long data recordings.
Guides 10,000 Slides plus
C-Scan Max no of C-Scan Data Files 1,000
Advanced Features Data Logging Real-time recording of signal data and Replay on instruments and desktop PC up to 164 seconds
Guides Create and display a slide show containing instructions, tutorials and procedures using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Attachments Screenshots and Data Recordings are saved in a folder with the name of the Settings.
Loop Capture a live repetitive signal and then optimize the instrument settings (Phase, Gain, Filters) to simplify optimizing the parameters
Trace Allows a calibration reference signal to be stored on the screen and then compared with the live signal
Auto Phase Allows phase angle to be automatically set to a pre-set angle
Scanning Connector 8 way LEMO 1b for encoder and scanner control
Encoder 2 phase 2 axis; =X/Y or R-Theta
Automatic Controls and acquires data from a Stepper Motor Driven XY Scanner
Count Rate Max 100kHz
C-Scan Resolution Max size 1 million data points
Scaling 0.1-999.9 pixels/mm.
Typical Scan 120 by 100 mm at 0.1mm resolution.
Data Saved Data stored as XY Pairs for 2 Channels. Data presentation X, Y, R or theta on CH1, Ch2 or Mix.
Outputs PC Connectivity Open collector transistor (32v dc at 10mA max) available on 12 way LEMO.
Digital Volt Free Alarm On Lemo 12 way Open collector transistor (36v dc at 10mA max).
VGA Full 15 way VGA output (EC screens only)
Languages Selectable from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Czech,
and Norwegian.
Verification Levels The system includes on delivery a 2 year validity Verification Level 2 detailed functional check and calibration as per ISO 15548-1:2013Power-on self test The system performs a self
Power-on Self Test The system performs a self test on start up of external ram, sd ram, accelerometer, Micro SD card, LCDscreen buffer.
Power External 100-240 v 50-60Hz 30 Watts
Battery Internal 7.2V nominal @ 3100mAh = 22.32
Running Time Up to 8 hours with a 2MHz Pencil Probe 30% Back Light and up to 6 hours with a Rotary Drive 50% duty cycle.
Charging Time 2.5 hrs. charge time, Simultaneous charge and operation
Weight Including Internal Battery 1.3 kg, 2.9 lbs.
Physical Size (L x W x H) 5.7" x 2.1 x 9.3" (146 x 53 x 237mm)
Material Aluminum alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated epoxy
Operating Temperature -4° to 140° F (-20 to +60 °C)
Storage Temperature Storage for up to 12 months -4° to 95° F (-20 to +35 °C) Nominal 68° F (+20 °C)
IP Rating IP54

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